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Last Day on Earth: Survival is an upcoming survivor sandbox game developed by Kefir Games. The game is currently in Beta v.1.14.1 and is available on Android and iOS. This wiki is a collaborative resource for the game and is maintained by the contributions of the fans. Feel free to use our Discussions to discuss gameplay. Please don't create a new article with personal opinion, use the blog post for this.
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The Last Day on Earth: Survival Wiki is a collaborative resource about Last Day on Earth: Survival that anyone can edit. Our wiki was created in May 29, 2017. We are currently editing over 906 articles, 41,708 edits, 3,289 files, and you can help! All editors are welcome. Come join our community!




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Latest News

Update 1.14.1: Sector 7: Medical supplies and new clan rank.

Sector 7 has things to show!

What's up:
- new eatable goodies;
- medical supplies can be good and can be nasty;
- radioactive storm is still terrorizing Outpost, but now less often;
- leaders! it's time to choose your right hand;

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Hunger and thirst are just as dangerous as other threats in Sector 7. Behind the Wall, you
can have a snack as well. There is blackeberry, blackberry tea, tuna, and field ration.
However, food won't restore your health immediately. It will take some time to get strong

There is a new class of medicines in the game. Although it takes some time to use them,
they immediately restore health. Be careful: antibiotic can lead to overdose.

Extremely unpleasant condition when the survivor feels sick, moves slowly, can't build
anything and work with workbenches, and only little health gets restored. So, one more
time: don't take antibiotic more than two times in a row.

Now you don't have to invest resources in building on the location Outpost. Instead of
this, players will be able to craft workbenches and place them on their own as they wish.
Moreover, bonfire and rain catcher have been added for your comfortable life in Sector 7.
Radioactive Storm now happens once in seven days. If at the time of the update, you had
resources at the location Outpost, the storm will come in three days, as before, and then
the new system will be applied.

There is a new rank in clans, right hand. The responsibilities are inviting players, editing
the message of the day, clan description, changing joining type and clanmates' ranks.

All resource locations are now generated randomly. New objects have been added.

The network code has undergone some changes affecting connection speed and data
synchronization with server.

We have extended the time for collecting resources required for getting bike Paragon.
Now anyone who wants it can still make it to get the brutal skin.

Update 1.14: Season 1

Hello, sailors! A ship has touched the ground, and Season 1 starts NOW.

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- In the post-apocalyptic times, danger can come from anywhere. Even from the sea.
Some survivors found notes made by Darren Wells, seasoned sailor, who went off to the
sea at the wrong time. But now word spread about a mysterious ship which crashed in
the South. Sailors have spread across the familiar locations.
- With the beginning of the season you've received access to weekly quests. As you
complete them, you will get various resources, and the most sturdy survivors who will
complete all the quests will get unique rewards: new skins for Chopper, Corgis, and other
valuable items. The list of quests will be updating in a special section dedicated to the
first season.

- The bike upgrade system has been reconsidered. Every survivor can have only one
bike, but customize it the way they want, even upgrade it according to their personal
needs. To do that, visit Jane at the gas station. Don't forget to bring a few parts, and she
will add new perks to your iron friend. If you've already upgraded the bike yourself, some
part of the experience gained will remain. If you have collected a lot of modification
blueprints - they've been converted into magazines that can be exchanged with Jane for
bike experience. All stuff from the carrier will be waiting for you in your inbox. By the
way, speaking about the gas station - now it is possible to get there only if you have a

- What happened on board remains a big mystery. Some mention about a mutiny, others
- about the attack of the Awaiters' sect. To clear up the mystery, find the remains of
Darren Wells' journal who was one of the sailors staying aboard till the end.

- Cute corgi puppies have been added to the game, and along with them 3 new perks:
Earner, Full, and Lucky. The first one considerably decreases the need for food of all
dogs by 10%, with the second one your corgi doesn't need food when staying in the dog
crate, and with the third perk you will receive 1 coin a day.

Update 1.12.3 Sector 7: Radioactive storm

Dear members of clans, this update is for you. Time to gather all your bros and stand against another misfortune in Sector 7 - Radioactive storm.

The storm is coming. Radioactive one.

Check out fresh update v. 1.12.3!

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- Good news for clans - there is a new location behind the Wall - Outpost.
- Clanmates can restore workbenches and place chests at the location.
- Chests are available to everyone by default. Changing access settings is only available to a clan leader.
- Every three days the location gets completely destroyed by a radioactive storm. Valuable stuff should be taken away for that time.
- Players can collect resources on locations in Sector 7. For that, an axe and a pickaxe have been added, along with a backpack to carry it all away.
- To increase the chance of survival behind the Wall, there have been added good old close-in fighting weapons - Crowbar, Cleaver, Spear, Baseball Bat, and an extra slot in the pocket of those who have it unlocked.
- Game balance has been improved. Consequently, recipes of weapons and armor have been changed.

Update 1.12.2. Basements

What's that noise coming from the basement? You should go down and check an update 1.12.2 now!

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- Scientists and the military carried out many experiments back in the day. Part of them
believed that underground shelters might help to survive the last day on Earth. Some are
still inhabited, others are occupied by the living dead, and all these years the basements
have been right there under your nose.
- To find them, you have to carefully explore basic resource locations. The secret
entrance may be found in the most unexpected place. There are 5 basements in total.
Each with its own loot and inhabitants. When dying, you lose everything and will not be
able to return to the basement. Good luck!

- The latest update in Sector 7 has given us Miner, the boss only a few clans managed to
slay, while comments in social networks got filled with ads recruiting new members. For
those who wish to spend a fierce evening trying to beat the Miner, we've decreased the
number of items required for repairing the Sector 7 terminal.

- Forget about rumors and assumptions on LDoE spreading over the Internet. From now
on, the most up-to-date information from the developers and the hottest offers will be
available right in the game on a special screen.

Devblog 06/14: Update 1.12.1

Hey, folks! We've got an update for you. Place of action: Sector 7 New weapons, new combat equipment, new quests, new enemies, the boss and more.

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The arsenal of multiplayer will be added with new positions. Among them there is a
spear, a sawed-off shotgun, a shield and other tools for mopping up territories and self-
protection. Characteristics of some weapons will help you dispatch enemies more

We've added new combat equipment meeting all requirements that explorers of the
wastelands have. Reliable, functional, accessible in production.

By the way, all the new weapons and equipment for Sector 7 are now added to the
Recipes section behind the wall. If you have the required amount of materials, you are
ready for any battle. Apart from the common resources for making weapons and other
consumables, you will need new ones. Don't worry, they are already in the game.

In Sector 7 one can strike it rich. But besides being infected, chests out there are
guarded by watchful zombies ready to tear to shreds any loot hunter.

Updated quests and rewards.

Familiar places have undergone visual changes. Locations have been refurbished.

Sector 7 is known for a lot of dangerous surprises. This time they will be Guards, Oozer
and the boss Miner. Incredibly vicious guys that are never pleased to have unwanted

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With the game in such early development stages, this wiki will help you keep up with the changes and additions that come with each patch. You'll find tips and guides for pros and beginners alike, stats for all your weapons/armor/enemies, and anything else you might need to make it through this particular Apocalypse. Since the game is still in early BETA, you can use a number of resources to stay current on patches, updates, and news. Check out the official Facebook Last Day on Earth and Twitter LastDaySurvival pages, or head on over to the subreddits Reddit LDESurvival and/or Reddit LastDayonEarthGame for access to more LDE:S goodness. You'll also find links to other Discord, Facebook, and Forum communities.

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