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Last Day on Earth: Survival is a survivor sandbox game developed by Kefir Games. The game is currently in Beta v.1.19.3 and is available on Android and iOS. This wiki is a collaborative resource for the game and is maintained by the contributions of the fans. Feel free to use our Discussions to discuss gameplay. Please don't create a new article with personal opinion, use the blog post for this.
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The Last Day on Earth: Survival Wiki is a collaborative resource about Last Day on Earth: Survival that anyone can edit. Our wiki was created in May 29, 2017. We are currently editing over 1,456 articles, 57,784 edits, 5,179 files, and you can help! All editors are welcome. Come join our community!

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Latest News
Season 16 Commune Hacksaw Nipper Suitcase with values Brick Warehouse Fridge Ritual Outfit style "Blue-collar" Backpack style "Gamekeeper" Backpack style "Nine yards" Backpack style "Shroomie" Pattern Model "Bombardier" Pattern Model "Deer hunter" Pattern Model "Camo" Pattern Model "Diablo" Pathfinder's Pack Blossom Pack Hedge Spirea Spring Flower Garden Oak seedling Pine tree seedling Sakura seedling
Season 15 Bar "Last Stop" Old barn Unusual sample Gas Cutter Hacksaw Nipper Witches' Brew Empty bottle box Bottle box Acquired taste Another round Turbo Surf's up Outfit style "Detective" Backpack style "Bedlam" Backpack style "Last Stop" Backpack style "Leshen" Backpack style "Tyrant" Backpack style "Weekend"
Season 14 Genesis outpost Infected village Vial of blood Vial of saliva Vial of spores Gas grenade Infected brain Infected eye Infected heart Empty biohazard container‎ Biohazard container Gilbert Comfort Infestation Destroyer's Pack‎
Hidden Garden Mu Lan Jiangshi Terracotta Zombie Seeds rice Rice Stem Bowl of rice Red Tortoise Cake Silent abode Lonely Elder Nian Baozi Firework field Paper Lantern Steamed Fish Green Tea
Season 13 Strange factory Icewind valley Road house Sand Quarry Island Watchtower Dead Island Oil Rig Port Crane key Sunken box Terrain maps Motorboat Boat engine Propeller Pump Hand Pump Manual earth drill Titanium Ore Titanium Bar The Equalizer Fragments of titanium armor suit Cement Sand Quartz Glass Fiberglass Big catch Last stop Backpack style "Day off" Backpack style "Frosty" Backpack style "Gingerbread" Backpack style "Hawk" Underwear color "Holiday" Christmas Savior Pack Holly Champagne Odd key Odd ornament Blue lights Colorful lights Red lights Yellow lights Shards Christmas cake Delicious roll Hot drink Christmas ribbon Christmas brain Christmas ear Christmas finger Empty christmas box Christmas box An empty box of basic materials Box of basic materials Empty toolbox Toolbox Empty cooler bag Cooler bag Empty box of rare materials Box of rare materials High value goods Model "Rudolph", Model "Justice", Model "Caramel", Model "Voyage", Model "Interceptor" and Model "Bells"
Season 12 Genesis mobile base Festival ground Boombox Spooky farm Pumpkinhead Basketball hoop Gravestone Backpack style "Cargo" Backpack style "Titan" Backpack style "Vampire" Backpack style "Voodoo" Beer Candle Champagne Flare Hacksaw Nipper Pumpkin Sonic weapon Treat Zombie's brain Zombie's green blood Zombie Eye Empty bottle box Empty cooler bag Empty toolbox Empty treat box Empty weapon crate Bottle box Cooler bag Toolbox Treat box Weapon crate Valuable package K.'s secret paper a page from Chris's diary Eva's cards Stripes
Season 11 The Crater Crater coins Backpack style "Laser" Backpack style "Shark" Backpack style "Stuff Box"
Season 10 Field camp Ruined laboratory Scientists' van Rope Net Leather Net Carbon net Gas Cutter Laboratory Pack Magnifier Reagent Scientist's helmet Speaker Stethoscope Syringe Test tube Thermometer Universal bait UV Lamp Barbell Hologram Backpack style "Genesis" Backpack style "Red Cat" Backpack style "Zipper" Underwear color "Polka Dot" Researcher's box Researcher's case Researcher's chest
Season 9 Abandoned convoy The Crater Backpack style "Drifter" Crater model Battle axe Battle club Halberd Hunting crossbow Khopesh Macuahuitl Makeshift crossbow Bottle with dirty water Fabric strips Glass Iodine Iron blade Iron wire Leather strips Meat soup Oak shaft Oak stock Pine handle Quartz Sterile bandage Wooden parts Coupon Counterfoil Ready meal
Season 8 Fair Tournaments Ticket Suitcase with values Crossbow Backpack style "Neon" Backpack style "Piñata" Backpack style "Delivery guy" Toy Rod Toy fish Season 7 Prison Bikers' base Convoy Stop Power station Radio Tower Backpack style "Raider" Raider's Battle Helmet Raider's Battle Armor Raider's Battle Pants Raider's Battle Boots Raider's mask Slasher Gift package Medical Face Mask

Season 22

Season 21

Season 20

Greetings, survivors!

The first spring update is out – new events in the Calendar and Season 20 are already in the game.

275276428 1691664241171391 9209345898325700412 n.jpg

Season 19

Stand up against the ancient threat, survivors. Lunar New Year has already started! Moreover, let us introduce to you the brand new Event Calendar.

273112444 1669503333387482 4512699110282376552 n.jpg

Season 18

Survivors, are you ready to start your Christmas journey? Season 18 is here!


Day of the Dead

Beware! Halloween came early this year. Day of the Dead event is in the game already Let's have some fun, survivors!

249851515 1602562533414896 6006583278248404903 n.jpg

Season 17

Season 17 is already out and waiting for you!

244374948 1587876688216814 9005496709050497305 n.jpg

Season 16

The wait is over. Harvest season starts now!

230712291 1547629298908220 8797664470651366642 n.jpg

The Laboratory Part II

It's getting colder and darker, but we need to go further. The new Laboratory update is out!

213743246 1526727180998432 3850815990921122397 n.jpg

Season 15

It's time to take the law into your hands and bring order to the Wastelands. Season 15 is here!

193779720 1496064397398044 6772155257051128674 n.jpg


Last bar on Earth
A new sheriff named Russell has appeared in the Wastelands. He's determined to resist
lawlessness and bring order to the region. Russell is setting up his bar nearby to run
business from there and attract more companions in arms. If you are ready to join him in
his righteous mission, a generous reward is guaranteed. But keep your eyes open - in this
world, even altruists may have secret interests.

Investigation of crimes
Become a true detective - complete plotline quests and daily tasks, solve cases, and
receive rewards for the work done. All the necessary information can be found on a
special board in the bar.

Maintenance of order in Wastelands
Russell's companions regularly send supplies to his bar, and you are supposed to earn a
reward from every batch. You can increase your share through enhancing the supply
depot at the bar and gaining order points. To score them, complete tasks from the
investigation board and kill more zombies.
The corresponding tab can be found in the window of season pass.

Whatever is going on in the Wastelands, no one here will ever refrain from a nice
festivity. And the occasion is big - it's been 4 years since the beginning of our survival in
the zombie apocalypse! Come to the bar and celebrate this remarkable event in the third
week of the season. Let's rock so hard the dead will rise from their graves.

Outfit customization
The possibility to look stylish is what distinguishes a human from a zombie. The
survivors are going to have more options for going classy due to the outfit customization
feature. To try it out, open the new tab "Outfits" in the Wardrobe and choose the
desirable skin.

Collector's Crate
During the season, all bosses will drop unusual samples. They can be exchanged at the
bar for special coupons, which will be sent straight to your inbox. For these coupons you
Can purchase a pack in the in-game store, which may drop a skin whether for a bike or a
backpack from the previous seasons that is missing in your collection.
Also, unusual samples can be obtained from regular zombies and by using auto location

Biker Event

Let's roll, survivors! Biker event is already available both for Android and iOS

183704595 1481188465552304 9003784174498787712 n.jpg


We're having guests - the good old group of bikers has set a camp nearby. When
passing through the wastelands, they encountered minor difficulties with the local
raiders and zombies. The bikers are asking you for help with tackling their struggles. Not
for free, of course. Helping others is wonderful, but receiving valuable loot for that is
much better!

The bikers will offer you 3 quests daily. Their completion is rewardable. The main event
venues are Raiders' Camp and Roadside Junkyard as well as the forest and limestone
locations. Complete tasks and collect special patches, exchangeable at bikers for extra

Time to go negotiate with zombies and raiders, survivors!

The Laboratory

Hey-yo, survivors. The update is out! Let's see what's hiding down there in the Laboratory.

167210163 1455608128110338 2646076138599013790 n.jpg


Access to laboratory opened!
The fight against the infestation is moving on to the next stage. The antidote is
complete, and now it's time to find out what hides in the bowels of the Laboratory. You
will get to explode what's left of a large research complex and come even closer to the
source of the threat. Rest assured, the walk won't be easy!

Bioreactor recovery
In order to get access to the lower floors of the Laboratory, you will have to start a
reactor. You can use organic resources such as carrots and seaweed - a new resource
available with this update. So, you'll get a chance to find a use for seemingly the most
useless things.

New research area
A new research area divided into several sectors is located on the second floor of the
Laboratory. In each one of those sectors, you will face dangerous enemies and unique
traps. A special perk system will help make the experience of completing every sector
unique, but it will also increase the diffiuclty. Choose wisely!

New enemies and bosses
You've already met infected enemies on the surface, but the monsters residing in the
Laboratory will be even more dangerous. You will have to fight special enemies and
bosses in the currently available sectors. Don't forget to bring more guns and medical
supplies to improve your chances of winning.

Unique rewards
Speaking of rewards! When you complete the sectors, you can receive many important
items that will help make the exploration of the Laboratory more comfortable. Meds will
help you feel safer, and the new guns will make you even more lethal for the enemies
residing in the Laboratory. Don't forget to experiment with perk system to make the
reward even greater!

Season 14

The moment has come. Open the gates, survivors. The update is out!

160145960 1442304006107417 7107811576236446387 o.png

The Crater

Citizens of the Crater, it's time. The update is already out!

⚔️Fight against each other at the PvP location.

⚒️Create and establish your own survivor's apartment. The choice is yours, but better to do both!

153210809 1431429963861488 1484288053538594229 o.jpg

Chinese New Year

Hidden garden and Silent Abode are calling you – the Chinese New Year event is on!

148523930 1421712471499904 3156986480812728604 o.jpg


Chinese New Year
The event Chinese New Year has started in LDoE! Expect holiday challenges and
rewards. The event is temporary, so you have to launch all the fireworks and treat
yourself to tanghulu in time. Join the event right now!

Hidden garden
The legendary warrior maiden is coming to the world of the zombie apocalypse.
Complete Mu Lan's quests and compete with her for the best zombie slayer title. Be
careful, dangerous jiangshi and the terracotta zombies are going to attempt to rain on
your parade! When it's all done, you can have some baozi with a cup of green tea.

Silent Abode
On the Chinese New Year's Eve, evil spirits start roaming the earth, searching for a new
refuge. The house of the wise Lonely Elder is at risk. Immortal Nian is moving closer, but
even he has weak spots. Ward off the beast, complete Lonely Elder's tasks, and the
reward will follow.

Firework field
China is known as the homeland of fireworks. And no New Year can do without
fireworks! Just don't forget about the safety measures. Pyrotechnics can do not only a
lot of noise and bright flares but also considerable damage.

Ceremonial armor and guandao
Dressing up for the holiday is customary. You have an opportunity to obtain the armor
that would make you worthy of meeting the emperor himself, whereas a murderous
guandao will allow you to keep agile zombies at bay. Dress in the ceremonial armor and
feel the spirit of the Celestial Empire's warriors.

Season 13 The Christmas season, a motorboat, Islands

Christmas is coming and this means it’s just the time to expect presents from everywhere. We’ve also prepared some surprises for you and we’re excited to tell you about them. Some details have already been revealed, but unexpected delights are something we cannot give up. That’s what we’re gonna talk about in this dev blog. Off to the Port!

TW devblog 181 1176.png


Attention! This is no drill. A new permanent location called the Port has been spotted!
This place will start a new chapter of survivors' adventures and will change the routine in
the zombie apocalypse world. The Port conceals plenty of secrets and hidden spots you
are going to discover. The time has come, explore the area!

Having explored the Port, you'll discover a passage to the underground. You'll get to the
grim and dank Sewers. That's a network of underground tunnels filled up with valuables
and rare items. But there's a catch. The last person who was there flooded the
catacombs. So first you'll have to pump out the water.

Before things with the undead got really bad, seafarers used to park their vessels at the
Port. They abandoned it a long time ago but left a generous gift. At the location, you'll
find a blueprint of a personal motorboat.
The main parts are kept right there at the Port, but to get them one will need to work in
the Sewers. It's worth it - you might be the first one to leave your home and begin the
journey into the unknown.

With your new motorboat, you'll be able to get deep into the bay and explore the
mysterious islands. Little is known about them, but one thing is known for sure - they are
rich in extremely rare resources. It's a risky business, but the things you can find there
are totally worth the risk.

More awesome news! Titanium and some other new resources have been spotted. This
will introduce important changes to the crafting list - now you can even assemble
firearms. The main ources of new resources are the Port and the island locations.

Goods delivery is back! The shipping location is now at the Port, on a permanent basis.
Along with that, a new Genesis reputation system is coming. Deliver parcels to earn
reputation points and get unique rewards for each level completed. For example, a new
experimental weapon penetrating enemy armor!

In spite of the incredible turmoil happening in our cozy zombie apocalypse, Christmas
will arrive on schedule. Nick Santy's on board, as well!
And he will need you help. He wanted to make the locals happy and arranged the
delivery of congratulations letters but relied on irresponsible delivery guys and the letters
got lost. Help the poor guy find them and save the holiday. Your searches will get you to
the event locations Icewind valley and Road house that will be available from week 2.
You'll be able to get to the Frozen village in the third week if you're lucky enough to find
all the letters. Nick believes in you!

This year, the Christmas party will be held at the Odd Factory. It has everything required
for the perfect holiday: a Christmas tree, presents, and even Santa! Zombie Santa, I
mean. In the factory, you'll find a conveyor giving away different Christmas resources for
the season currency. You can earn it in your favorite way - by killing monsters.
But you won't be able to avoid trials. 3 bosses locked in the Factory want to congratulate
you in person. Take the special keys from the conveyor belt and visit them to have a party
in a zombie apocalypse style!

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