Here we will talk about some theories of the game that you create, which serves to form an iceberg of the game


  • Why do the zombies you kill reappear in the same place when the zone is reset? and why are the zones reset?

This question is a bit curious but the most credible meaning is that the events that are happening in the year 2077, are actually memories of a person who has been in a coma all these times, remembering once again the fears that he has passed.

  • Why can't the game character jump?

The character does not jump because it was not necessary, but it may also be because he has a leg injury that was caused by a shot to the leg by someone who has the purple plane ability of the glock 17, and only allows him walk, crouch, sprint, and roll

  • Why the character can carry many things in his backpack and walk normally, but if he carries a heavy weapon in his hands, does he walk slower?

The reason with more sense is that the character can bear a lot of weight on his back because he has done a lot of exercise on his back, and his arms not much

  • Why the character when he dies, can he reappear?

That means that the character in the game has a curse, that even if he wants to die, he will continue to reappear in his base.

  • Why the main character and some bots are instantly cured with food or medicine?

This must be because the characters that are able to heal instantly, it is because they have a biological treatment that allows them to absorb the positive substances of the edible objects at the moment. In the case of Sector 7, the characters have to heal with time, except for the antibiotic that heals you almost instantly but if you take more than necessary, you can receive an over twelve and lose health.

  • Why does the great one leave a Zulu card when he dies?

This may be because the great one was one of the survivors of the bunker zulu, he decided to seal the bunker and take the card so that nobody could enter, all this he did before he became a zombie, the same happened with the zombie that we found in the Bunker Alfa, at the entrance when you start the game, a dead fast biter appears with a card from the Bunker Alfa.

Possibly part of the objects that they transported were for the airdrops, the things that did not come out in that area such as food, aluminium plates, etc, possibly it was for an army base that is not currently added in the game, and the Power armor that you find in the area was to go to sector 7, there are 2 variants of the convoy, the one that was destroyed by zombies while they were transporting things, and the other is because it was an ambush by raiders, this confirms that there is a rivalry between raiders and army soldiers, the convoy may be similar to what happened to the tank in the snowy area but in this case it was because of the snow

  • Where do the bots that appear in the farming zones live?

Possibly they live in several areas, the bases that you raid, although that is not very sure, the other theory may be that they live in a town or also in the same Oil rig.

  • Why are the bases that we are going to raid to be located in the same place?

This must be because raiders make people who don't give them the part they want, force them to live in a special place where they can be raideable, they have a list of the bases that will move there, and the bases where You come should be something similar but they put people there to live who did give what they wanted

Well, the big one, in addition to being the zombie with more resistance that leaves bones when it dies, does not mean that a zombie that has big bones already has the same resistance as the big one, in fact, the zombies that have been mentioned before, have 0 resistance but the big one has a lot of resistance compared to the others, this is due to the fact that the mutation does not actually strengthen the bones, but rather strengthens the skin and flesh of the zombie, as in the case of the big one.

  1. the big one on farming zones
  2. the big one on the 2nd floor of bunker alfa
  3. the big one on basements
  4. the big one on sewers
  5. the big one on raids (the god)
  6. the big one on sector 7 (Ashy Giant)
  7. the big one on swamps (in the game it is called like that but it has the appearance of the blind one)
  8. the big one on bunker bravo (liquidator)
  9. the big one on the prison season 7 (Jailbird)
  10. the big one in capture contracts on season 10 (Decayed Beast)
  11. the big one in capture contracts on season 10 (Vicious Beast)
  12. little chinese the big one (Nian 2018)
  13. big chinese the big one (Nian 2021)
  14. the big one on season 1 (Charlie Jr)
  15. the big one on season 1 (Charlie Sr)

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