Kramp is a boss in the Infected Junkyard, introduced together with others 2 bosses Claus and Greg.

Its Special Attack is the same as the The Blind One (Charging into the wall after 5 attacks).


Charging into any of the small barrels on the map will result in it exploding and doing 400 damage to Kramp. Stand close to a barrel, then dodge his attack. Each barrel can only be used once. After, four buffed parasites will spawn and charge at you. Kill them quickly before they start doing lots of damage to you.

Waves of crawlers will spawn after the explosion and will try to damage the large explosive barrel (they will not attack you at all). Do not let them damage the barrel too much, or else it will explode, instantly killing you. A grenade launcher, or very high dps guns are recommended to fend off the large waves of crawlers. The barrel will begin smoking if low on health.

After charging into a barrel, Kramp will run away and feast on dead bodies to regain health, like the Blind One. He will restore 200 health if interrupted. Do not try to stop him, because he will start to attack you again if he is interrupted.

After charging into four barrels, Kramp will be defeated. You will still need to kill the fourth wave of zombies to finish the battle.

Do not let Kramp charge into the big explosive barrel. It will cause it to explode and kill you.


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  • Introduced in Beta v.1.11.3
  • Kramp is a reference to Krampus, who is said to punish children who misbehave for Christmas.
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