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Allows to cook even the most sophisticated dishes.
– Blueprint description


"Allows to cook even the most sophisticated dishes"

Crafting Requirements


  • Level: 22 Unlearned recipes.png
  • Craft Points: 2 Craft Point Icon.png


Before Beta v.1.18.10:

  • Level: 52 Unlearned recipes.png



  • Placement: Stone Floor (lvl.3)
  • Max: 1
  • Grid Size: 1x1 Icon Builder Floor.png
  • Orientation: 2 positions


Unlike Weapon mod blueprints, kitchen stove recipes are not found by scavenging.

They are discovered by experimenting cooking fish with various ingredients and making new dishes.

  • If the combined ingredients are recognized as a legitimate recipe a new dish will be made and the recipe will be added to the open recipes list, if it’s not then either “fish stew” or “something gross” dish will be made.
  • The effect/buff is time limited and will show up in temporary skills screen.
  • Once a dish is created it can only be eaten, it cannot be stored.
  • In order to use multiple recipes at the same time, Coins will be needed to speed up cooking time.
  • Recipes buffs/effects do not stack.
  • The recipe buff percentage and/or duration is affected by the quality of the fish used in the cooking.
    • Fish quality is represented by Bronze, Silver or Gold star:

Fish star rating.jpeg

List of recipes

The complete set of recipes, their known effects, and the required ingredients: (as of beta v.1.16.4)

Dish Ingredients Description Buff Duration
Cooking time
Sweet and sour perch.png
Sweet and sour perch
Perch "Stills thirst for a long period of time" No thirst 20 25 30 30:00 18
Perch stuffed with vegetables.png
Perch stuffed with vegetables
Perch "Stills hunger for a long period of time" No hunger 20 25 30 30:00 18
Edible Mushroom
Carp stuffed with mushrooms.png
Carp stuffed with mushrooms
Carp "Increases the chance to fish up a chest" Chance to fish up a chest increased 10 15 18 25:00 17
Edible Mushroom
Salmon baked with vegetables.png
Salmon baked with vegetables
Salmon "Increases experience for killing a zombie" +30% experience for killing a zombie 8 13 20 26:40 17
Edible Mushroom
Salmon soup.png
Salmon soup
Salmon "Increases the amount of wood obtained" +10/15/20% chance to get an extra log 10 15 20 32:40 18
Edible Mushroom
Canned Food
Catfish and a side of vegetables.png
Catfish and a side of vegetables
Catfish "Increases the chance to find rare fish" Increases the chance to find rare fish 10 15 20 35:00 18
Edible Mushroom
Pike with mushroom sauce.png
Pike with mushroom sauce
Pike "Increases speed of running" Run faster 6 12 18 45:00 19
Strong alcohol
Edible Mushroom
Stuffed pike.png
Stuffed pike
Pike "Moving across the map spends less energy" Movement across the map is cheaper ?? ?? 30 43:20 19
Edible Mushroom
Sturgeon with wild mushrooms.png
Sturgeon with wild mushrooms
Sturgeon "Increases the chance to get a female dog when breeding" Chance to get a female dog when breeding increased by 10 10 ?? ?? 41:40 19
Edible Mushroom
Sturgeon with vegetables.png
Sturgeon with vegetables
Sturgeon "Increases the chance to get a male dog when breeding" Chance to get a male dog when breeding increased 10 ?? ?? 45:00 19
Edible Mushroom
Fish steaks.png
Fish steaks
Perch "You make less noise when breaking walls and furniture at another player's base" Make less noise on a raid 10 15 20 41:40 19
Fish Mix.png
Fish Mix
Perch "Increases armor" +10 armor 8 13 20 61:00 21
Lavish mix of fishes.png
Lavish mix of fishes
Catfish "Increases the chance to get the True Friend skill when breeding dogs" Chance to get the True Friend skill when breeding dogs is increased 10 ?? ?? 101:00 22
Fish sticks.png
Fish sticks
Salmon "Increases the amount of ore obtained" +10/15/20% chance for extra ore 10 15 20 38:20 18
Trout baked with mushrooms.png
Trout baked with mushrooms
Trout "Body protection from radiation increased" Increases protection from radiation 8 12 15 35:00 18
Edible Mushroom
Thick soup with trout.png
Thick soup with trout
Trout "Decreases cooldown of active skills" Cooldown of active skills decreased by 15% 8 15 ?? 41:40 19
Bottle of Water
Edible Mushroom
Carrot Stew.png
Fish Stew
Any Fish "Restores Health"
Edible combinations that's not one of correct recipes
Something Gross.png
Something Gross
Any Fish Does nothing (Only option is to throw it away)
Anything inedible (e.g. plastic bottle)


On the Recycler, a Kitchen stove can be recycled into Common Plank, Oak Plank, and Steel Plate in 10 minutes and 1 second at an appropriate level of Other recycling skill.


  • Introduced in Beta v.1.15
  • Cooking animation added in Beta v.1.15.1
  • Added 2 new recipes with Trout in Beta v.1.16.4
  • Changed crafting requirements in Beta v.1.18.10
  • Fish stew can be created with other types of fish or ingredients.
  • Adding a single inedible item produces the aptly named result "Something Gross", It has 2 uses, as you can throw it away or use it to remind yourself that you're an absolute moron for thinking it would work.