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Junkyard is an event location on the Global Map. It shows up 48-72 hours after the last one but it is accessible only for players who have already built their chopper and upgraded it to level 40.


There are three versions of the Junkyard

First version is to help a survivor standing at the entrance, kill the zombies while protecting them as they are looting the car storages for spare parts and resources. This is the hardest version as failure to protect the survivor might lead to their death hence the chest with loot can't be opened.

"You're just on time! I'm looking for rare spare parts, wanna join me?" - survivor.

The second version has a Survivor standing at the entrance. To get the rewards in the chest, the player is supposed to bring a Rusty Engine or a Intact Engine. While bringing the engine to the survivor, this will trigger three waves of zombies, each after a couple of seconds of defeating a wave.

The third version contains Raiders. At the entrance, one of the Raiders is trying to loot the chest. The player has to save a Survivor who is assumed to be kidnapped or most likely held hostage for the loot in the chest.

"I think it hit me. You are not one of them. Thanks for help. Your reward's in the chest" - survivor.


The rewards in the chest differ at each reset and may include rare spare parts and resources such as Rubber, Car Battery, Biker Magazine, Cog. It will include other common spare parts such as Scrap Metal, Transistor, Rubber Parts, Ball Bearing, etc.


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