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A gathering tool used to collect Logs
– Blueprint description


"A gathering tool used to collect Logs"

The Iron Hatchet is an improved version of the stone Hatchet, with better durability and higher damage.

Gear score: 40


  • Damage: 20
  • Speed: 0.9
  • DPS: 18


The hatchet is primarily used for chopping down trees, and the iron hatchet is necessary for getting Oak Logs. It can also be used as a weapon or to break Level 2 walls.

Crafting Requirements


  • Level: 14 Unlearned recipes.png
  • Craft Points: 1 Craft Point Icon.png





It will take 75 hits to break an iron hatchet.*

*Tested with pine trees; may be different when used as a weapon.

That means you can successfully cut down 18.75 pine trees, as each one needs 4 hits and 9 oak trees with 3 hits left.

An Iron Hatchet can break one Level 2 wall or two Level 1 walls.

An Iron Hatchet can break 2 boxes.


On the Recycler, a Iron Hatchet can be recycled into Scrap Metal, Common Plank, and Duct Tape in 10 minutes and 1 second at an appropriate level of Melee Weapons recycling skill.


  • Introduced in Beta v.1.5.5
  • Added at multiplayer in Beta v.1.17.1
  • There is a debate going on about whether the iron hatchet is the hatchet used by the guy in the loading screen or not. This theory is most likely true, because they are both iron hatchets, and the one the devs have in-game just aren't finished yet. A way to prove this theory is they have the same shape if you compare the 2 of them together. This might sound stupid at first, but if you pay attention to the background, the guy seems to be in a town and/or city type location, so that might be what the iron hatchet looks like once the game comes out of beta. Or it could be false, cause if you think realistically, he seems to be carrying an axe that firefighters use, so this also might be either an upgraded or completely separate version of the iron hatchet in-game once the game comes out of its beta stage. So it could go either way with the devs. Nothing to debate.... It goes both ways....