Infected Junkyard was an event location on the Global Map during Christmas 2018.

Infected Junkyard is a time limited 12 hour event. Will appears only after defeating Claus in Snow Field.

Infected Junkyard event

A giant zombie has been noticed recently among scrap metal and infected trees.

Infected Junkyard map

Note: Location available from level 25


Gotta seize the moment! Looks like that giant is snared. If I manage to exploit his stupidity and agression successfully, I'll pull it off without a single shot. Apparently, he was trying to hide something, but was scared away.


  • Kramp 1000 HP
  • Crawler 100 HP 0 Armor
  • Explosve Barrel 2000 HP
    • Crawler hordes will appear attack does 20, 30 damage
  • Parasite 100 HP 0 Armor 100 damage
    • 4 will appear after each barrel explode
  • 5 barrels with 400 damage will explode when Kramp crash them
  • 7 thorns on ground does 10 damage inside
    • 2 thorns on ground does 10 damage outside


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