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This is one of the biggest banes and challenges for newer players, as it spawns a horde every 24 hours, which will attack your base. If you are online during the attack, a large horde of zombies will invade your base. Unlike normal zombies however, these zombies will break any barricades or walls in their way simply by walking through them. That being said, once you die, they will retreat to their home and send another invasion. If you're offline, they'll simply break one or two of your things.

(Recommended advice is to wait until the attack is over before entering your base)

The infected forest is currently the most difficult area in the game. This location is special because there is always a Big One located there; currently making it nearly impossible to clear the location. Other than the Witch, this location is exactly the same as other red areas with Toxic Abominations, Toxic Spitters, Floater Bloater, Crowd Zombie, Diseased Wolf, Crawler all present. In Beta v.1.9, were removed standby zombies, reintroduced in Beta v.1.9.1/2.

New design location after Beta v.1.8.5

Note: Location available from level 35

What's in the new Infected Forest after Beta v.1.8.5

Resources (before Beta v.1.8.5)



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