Silently added with version Beta v.1.6.9, ​​​​the Infected Box can be found as the loot at Floppy with coordinates locations. It can be placed in the Acid Bath when brought back to base on the Chopper. The Acid Bath will take 1 hour to clean the Infected Box before you can open it and access its contents.

Like the Electric Generator, the IB is heavy, so you carry it slowly, and a Chopper is required to transport it home; otherwise, you cannot bring it back, and it will stay there for 12 hours 'til the event ends. While being carried, the Infected Box does approx. 3 damage per second of contact.


An Infected Box is supposed to be placed and cleaned in the Acid Bath. An Infected Box is sometimes found at the location provided by a Floppy with coordinates from the Specialist in exchange for Reputation items gathered in Bunker Alfa Hard Mode.


Tips and Tricks

  • If you let an IB sit for a while before opening it, it can attract a mini-horde.
  • An IB will decay into scrap metal after a little while if left on the ground, and the valuable loot inside is lost. IBs do not break down or spawn hordes if in the Acid Bath or carried on the Chopper's Heavy Baggage rack.
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