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Silently added with version Beta v.1.6.9, ​​​​the Infected Box can be found in place of the usual loot box at N 50.01061, E -110.1134. The Infected box is covered in Gore and it can be placed in the Acid Bath when brought back to base with the Chopper. The Acid Bath will take 1 hour to clean out The Gore on The Infected Box before the player can open it and access its valuable contents.

Like the Electric Generator, the Infected box is extremely heavy and carrying it will make the player walk considerably slow. A Chopper is required to transport it Home; otherwise, you cannot bring it back, and it will stay there for 12 hours until the event ends and the box is gone. While being carried, the Infected Box does 3 damage per second no matter what armor you wear.

Enemies it can attract

Dropping it on the ground at Home will attract the following enemies:

They tend to go towards where the Infected Box is. Enemies have reduced vision range and can be killed with a Glock 17 without them noticing. They can also pass through the walls of your base without dying, including the Crowd Zombie.


An Infected Box is supposed to be placed and cleaned in the Acid Bath. It can only be found at N 50.01061, E -110.1134, the location provided by a Floppy with coordinates from the Specialist in exchange for Reputation items gathered in Bunker Alfa Hard Mode.



Tips, Tricks and Trivia

  • An Infected Box will decay into Scrap Metal after a little while if left on the ground, and the valuable loot inside is lost. It will not break down or spawn hordes if in the Acid Bath or carried on the Chopper.
  • It takes approximately 15-25 minutes for an Infected Box to decay. 15 Scrap Metal can be collected afterwards.
  • It wont spawn hordes when placed on other zones, such as Port, Gas Station, resource zones, etc. except at Home.
  • The player cannot take an Infected Box out from the chopper at Blackport PD.