Infected Base is an event location on the Global Map.

This event will spawn after getting Note #4 from Barker.

The event stays on the Global Map until the end of Season 2, when you enter the location, its duration is 1 hour.

Infected Base event

There's no connection with this camp for two days already. I have to check if everything's ok there.

Infected Base map

"Don't trust anyone..." - Soldier

"I'm Salt, and who are you?" - Salt

New quest note in the diary
Note #5

"Do you work for Barker?" - Salt

"Stay away from him, he's nuts" - Salt

"You're just in time, we're almost out of ammo" - Soldier

"If you want to know what we really faced, get down the basement" - Salt

New quest note in the diary
Note #6

To help the soldier, give him a bandage

"Thanks for the help" - Soldier


Basement Enemies

There were complications during the
transplantation. The two current problems are
the lack of facilities (!) and condition of the
subject's stem cells. I'm afraid my
qualification is not enough to complete the
work successfully. Jim, I quit. You should
understand. I'm sorry.

I think it was Jessy MacElroy and his retarded
brother who betrayed us. They had access to
the computer in the lab and used to lick
colonel Hendrix's boots. Although Barker
believes it was Salt. Not sure about that,
though, I suppose, these are 50:50 gueses.

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