Last Day on Earth: Survival Wiki


At present the in-game Inbox is used to receive a daily bonus of Bottle of Water x3 and Baked Beans x3, which expire after 5 Days. These will replenish every 24 hours if removed from the inbox, if not removed, they will expire and then refresh.

Once the player hits level 100, the Bottle of Water x3 and Baked Beans x3 will no longer be granted to the inbox every 24 hours.

It is also used to hold items from Packs you buy or get (every hour, you can watch a video and get a random item from a chest).

Rewards from the Survival Guide are received through the inbox.

Rewards from the Season Pass, Marks Of Excellence Boxes and Calendar Events are also received through the inbox.

Items taken out of the inbox come in 1 stack of the item or less if you do not have enough for a stack of said item.

Original inbox look


• Chopper Patterns are not able to be put in the inbox

• Almost anything can stay in the wasteland inbox unless they have a timer on them.

• Everything in the inbox is counted of how many there are until it reaches 999. After that, it will display 999+.

•There has been 2 changes that the inbox has gone through through the games lifespan.