Icewind valley is an event location on the Global Map during the Season 13.

That's where the call for help from a long-haul truck driver came from.

Icewind valley map.png

Icewind valley screen.png


  • Letter #4 week 1 Beside of the sled
  • Letter #6 week 1 Finish truck task

Truck task

"You're just in time! Need your help!" - Survivor

"Zombies have stolen all of my supplies!" - Survivor

"Heard you like them letters. I'll give you one,
if you'll get my delicacies back from the
zombies" - Survivor

Load the truck with Treats to receive Letter #6:

Icewind valley task.png

"Thank you so much! Here's your letter. We'll
start packing right away." - Survivor

"All is well? I hope we'll meet again soon" - Survivor

Note: After complete the truck task, it will disappear next time entering the location.




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