Home is Player's spawning and building location. Player can enter Base Builder mode only here. Zombie Hordes also spawn every 24 hours.

The only way in the Beta v.1.8.5 and up (but can change), the only way to stop the horde from coming (just 3 days) is to defeat the Witch and get the Witch's head. However, after 3 days of the head burning in your base, it will break. Beware that this does not prevent the already oncoming horde from arriving at your base.

The available size to build your base is 18x18.


As you first spawn at your base, there will be many resources available to make a foundation for your base. There are also several zombies and deers roaming around the land. In the abandoned pickup truck, you will find some valuable resources such as armor and a weapon to be able to kill the zombies and the animals.



  • Putting a Doormat to entrance of Base and covering it with Walls will give you a safe place, especially you ran away from a situation with 1-10 Health and trying to avoid any spawns.
  • Walls are not needed for now since the game is single player. If you are going to build Walls, make a few but stronger ones instead of making lots of weak ones, because zombie horde can break the wall. (Level one and two is two level of wall that horde can break).