Last Day on Earth: Survival Wiki


Home is the first and main location in single player mode for the player.

  • This is also the only safe place to store resources collected from other locations on the Global Map.
    • Tip: There are other location where it is possible to store resources, but as mentioned by the devs in the past, those locations are not considered safe and in future updates any resources stored there might be deleted or stolen.
  • If a player dies at this location, the player’s body will be kept at the same place it died and recovery of the items and resources is possible.
    • Tip:
      • If the player dies a second time, the first body will disappear with all items and resources if they weren’t collected first.
      • After reviving, Health, Hunger and Thirst will reset to full.


The first time the player spawn at the home base, there will be:

Note: This resources will not respawn if the player collects them.

  • Tip: It is possible to leave those resources for decoration purposes.



Enemies that might spawn at random days/after Zombie Horde passes:

Note: Any stored resources in dead enemies slots will disappear when the game resets.


Furniture and Workstations


  • Walls are not needed at the beginning of the game, Zombie Horde Will destroy lvl 1 and lvl 2 Walls, Doors and Windows but will not destroy Workstations and Furniture.
    • It is better to wait and have all the resources to build a lvl 3 Wall and building it in one go.
  • Putting a Doormat at the Base and covering it with Walls will give a safe place to spawn, especially if the player exits a Location with Low Health and trying to avoid any spawned enemy at home.
  • Before starting to Raid (as of Beta v.1.17.2- player needs to be level 150) it’s recommended to build a honeycomb base with at least one layer of lvl 2 Walls and two layers of lvl 3 Walls.


The music of the home in Beta v.1.17.10, i dont know if it was changed after or before