Provides with maximum protection with no compromises of attack
– Blueprint description


"Provides with maximum protection with no compromises of attack"

The Heavy Shield and Sawed-off Shotgun is a weapon that can only be obtained in Sector 7. It is a taped up, short barreled shotgun with a S.W.A.T. shield. The weapon itself has a lower DPS than its shieldless counterpart due to a lower firing speed. To trade off, the weapon itself has a passive ability which has a chance of reducing damages received when held, making it an excellent weapon to tank heavy damages, especially for bosses. The holder does not need to face their ennemy to block the damages, it is unknown if it is a bug or if it was made by purpose.

Has the chance to have the Active Skill: Shield Bash (Stunts enemies in the attack cone) Gear score: 280

Gear score: 270






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