Health shows how healthy you are, maximum health has a value of 100. This maximum can be increased using the Bruiser skill, up to a maximum of 120 health. If it depletes completely Death will occur.

Health icon

  • Healing is possible with BandagesFirst Aid Kit or by eating food.
  • If hunger or thirst reaches 0, a player will take 2 damage per second.
  • If both hunger and thirst reach 0, damage won't stack it's still going to be 2 per second.
  • Health will be fully restored when you level up, same happens when you revive.
  • When wearing armor it doesn't increase health, but it reduces taken damage.
  • Cleanliness doesn't affect your health.


  • You can see your health in the top left corner by the player name.

Representation of health in inventory

  • Checking health is also possible by opening your inventory, which is the only way to see it when in Global Map view.


Food Healing

Healing from Food was changed in Beta 1.16.5. Food no longer heals instantly; it now heals a flat amount over time. Some data will need to be gathered and confirmed.

Using food items from the inventory while on the Global Map will result in instant healing.

  • Berry: Heals 3 per second for 3 seconds, a total of 9 Health. Instant healing 9 Health.
  • Canned Food: Heals 5 per second for 4 seconds, a total of 20 Health. Instant healing 20 Health.
  • Juicy Steak: Heals 5 per second for 5 seconds, a total of 25 Health. Instant healing 25 Health.
  • Jerky: Heals 5 per second for 4 seconds, a total of 20 Health. Instant healing 20 Health.
  • Carrot Stew: Heals 5 per second for 4 seconds, a total of 20 Health. Instant healing 20 Health.
  • Raw Meat: Heals 4 per second for 2 seconds, a total of 8 Health. Instant healing 8 Health. Can be improved with the Glutton skill.
  • Carrot: Heals 4 per second for 4 seconds, a total of 16 Health. Instant healing 16 Health.
  • Roasted Turkey: Heals 25 per second for 4 seconds, a total of 100 Health. Instant healing 100 Health.

Not yet Tested

Values calculated with Bruiser skill at maximum.

Other Healing Methods

  • Homebody skill: Healing over time while at base. Gain 5 Health over a period of time until at full Health. Rate of healing is based on level of skill. This skill is a solid investment to prevent waste of food while at base.
    • Level 1: Heal to max over 10 minutes
    • Level 2: Heal to max over 8 minutes
    • Level 3: Heal to max over 6 minutes
    • Level 4: Heal to max over 4 minutes
    • Level 5: Heal to max over 2 minutes
  • Self-Healing skill: Healing over time anywhere. Has a cool down period that winds down even when not ingame or in zone. When used, heals to max Health by 10 Health per second. Can be used to great effect when low on Health in locations such as the Bunker, but cannot be relied upon to save your life when taking major damage.
    • Heals to max Health based on your total Health. For example, if you have 100 Health max and are currently at 30 Health, the skill will attempt to heal 10 Health at a time until maxed. If damage is taken during this time, the healing will only max out at 10 "charges" times 10 Health regained; a max of 100 but a net total of 130. This may result in leaving you with less than max Health if damage is taken during healing.
    • If Health is a number not divisible by 10, the difference will be recouped with one of these "charges" when max Health is reached as long as at least one charge remains. For example, if you have 100 Health max and are currently at 35 Health, of the 10 possible charges, 7 will be used. 6 will heal for 10, the last will heal for 5 Health.
    • Even if max Health is greater than 100 (with the Bruiser skill), the maximum number of these charges is 11.



  • Since Beta v.1.16.5, restoring your character's health with food is no longer instant but takes a few seconds.
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