Set of tools for crafting and assembling weapon modifications.
—Blueprint description


"Set of tools for crafting and assembling weapon modifications"

The Gunsmith Bench is a Workstation built at the Home base.

One day will come in handy
—Gunsmith Bench description after Beta v.1.8.2

Prior to Beta v.1.8.2, the Gunsmith Bench was used to dismantle firearms for Weapon Parts. After Beta v.1.8.2 and the introduction of the Recycler, the active Gunsmith Bench was temporarily disabled while the developers worked to develop a new gun modification game mechanic.

In Beta v.1.9, the Gunsmith Bench's mechanics has been changed to weapon modification and crafting, which includes most melee weapons as well. The larger table of the Gunsmith Bench allows the player to attach/detach finished weapon attachments or modifications and also preview weapon stats, while the smaller table allows the player to craft the weapon attachments and modifications. Once a modification is finished, it may be attached/detached to its corresponding weapon for free and an unlimited number of times, but detaching an unlearned weapon modification cannot be undone.

Crafting Requirements

Blueprints 38 Gunsmith Bench

Old craft before Beta v.1.9.4


  • Level: 16
  • Craft Points: 1 Craft Point Icon


Phase 2

Gunsmith Bench finalize2

Note: The Developers changed the required materials in version Beta v.1.9.4, thus making it easier for players to finalize Gunsmith Bench.

Gunsmith Bench finalize

Old craft before Beta v.1.9.4

Note: The Developers changed the required materials in version Beta v.1.9, thus making it easier for players to finalize Gunsmith Bench. However, if you've already invested some resources into the old crafting requirements, they will be lost.


  • Placement: Plank Floor (lvl.2)
  • Grid Size: 2x2
  • Max: 1
  • Orientation: 2 positions

Modifiable Weapons Table

Weapons (18) Types Number of modifications (235) Common (145) Rare (41) Extremely rare (25) Mod with active skill (23)
Glock 17 5 17 9 4 2 2
Mini Uzi 5 20 10 5 3 2
Shotgun 4 14 7 3 3 1
Winchester 5 20 11 3 4 2
AK-47 5 19 11 1 4 2
VSS Vintorez 4 17 9 4 2 2
FN SCAR 4 18 11 2 3 2
M16 4 14 9 1 2 2
Zip Gun 3 8 5 1 1 1
Bow 4 14 9 3 1 1
Spear 3 12 9 2 - 1
Baseball Bat 2 8 6 1 - 1
Makeshift Bat 2 7 5 1 - 1
Machete 2 10 7 2 - 1
Cleaver 2 8 6 2 - -
Metal Pipe 2 7 5 2 - -
Skull Crusher 2 10 7 2 - 1
Saw Blade Mace 3 12 9 2 - 1

Mod change

If you change an unlearned mod, you won't be able to set it again


Stats are the specifications of a weapon or tool. You can view stats in your Player UI/Inventory and the larger table of the Gunsmith Bench. Keep in mind that the graph stats on the Gunsmith Bench weapon viewing do not measure weapon stats in comparison to other weapons or tools, but measures how much its stats can be improved or worsened.

Damage: Refers to the damage of the weapon or tool. Bonus damage from modifications/attachments cannot exceed 50% of the weapon's base damage.

Speed: Rate of attack interval measured by attacks per second.

Durability: Longevity of a weapon or tool.

Crit. Chance: Chance to deal extra damage that is calculated by crit damage. In Beta v.1.9, crit chance has been made innate in all weapons that can be modified; before the said patch, crit chance could only be obtained through events, unique weapons, and Wall. Sector 7's missions. In Beta v.1.9.2, crit chance has been removed on unmodified weapons. It is unclear whether crit chances are lowered on enemies with higher defense, but the chance to crit on enemies is definitely lowered in Bunker Alfa's Hard Mode.

Crit. Damage: The amount of extra amage dealt in crit procs. Note: In Beta v.1.9.2 the crit damage has been nerfed to a base calculation of (weapon damage)*1.5 from a previous (weapon damage)*2. Bonus crit damage from modifications/attachments in addition to the base crit damage calculation could not exceed (weapon damage)*3.

Stability: A stat unique to automatic firearms added in Beta v.1.9 which decides the chance of hitting your target. The higher this value is, the less base chance of missing, the longer it takes for the miss chance to peak, and less peak percentage of missing. It is unclear whether it also decreases the time for a gun to recover from its peak miss chance. It also is harder for automatic weapons to hit enemies with higher defense. Note: Each automatic firearm has a different base and peak stability stat, except for the minigun, which cannot miss.

Range: The maximum distance a weapon is able to hit an enemy. This stat does not affect stability for automatic weapons.

Noise: Amount of noise made by a weapon. This stat only has a tangible effect on Raids and does not affect any other aspects of the game. It is also possible to have a firearm equipped with a silencer make noise in Raids due to having a modification/attachment that increases noise (albeit the audio stays the same).

Weight: Refers to how heavy a weapon is. Since Beta v.1.9, all weapons have weight while being carried, although some are too light to have a tangible effect.

Old craft before Beta v.1.9


Old craft before Beta v.1.9


  • Placement: Stone Floor (lvl.3)

Old Recipes

Note: Used guns garner the same amount of output, so it is best to recycle guns that are close to breaking.

Also, only the unmodified weapon can be disassembled. Modified weapons cannot be disassembled such as Modified Glock 17.


On the Recycler, a Gunsmith Bench can be recycled into a Scrap Metal, Aluminium Bar, and Rubber Parts in 10 minutes and 1 second at an appropriate level of Other recycling skill.