Powerful and effective weapon in skillful hands. Throw with caution.
—In-game description


"Powerful and effective weapon in skillful hands. Throw with caution."


  • Introduced in Beta v.1.11.6
  • It looks like a M67 grenade
  • Mainly found in loot storages that require a burglar skill perk
  • Motel is not a bad place to farm grenades as the locked room’s closet is guaranteed to give one grenade and only requires burglar level 1 and resets every 36 hours (1 day and a half)
  • Remember, the grenade, like the Milkor will cause self damage if in radius of blast.
  • it can be very effective at using in the police station‘s arena as in the later 10-19s, you can take down most of the zombies and then easily kill the brawlers, hungries, etc. as they usually will have like 40 health left and can be finished from a Glock.
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