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Powerful and effective weapon in skillful hands. Throw with caution.
– In-game description


"Powerful and effective weapon in skillful hands. Throw with caution."



  • Introduced in Beta v.1.11.6
  • Can be found in the In-Game Shop's Rad Protection Pack since Beta v.1.15
  • It looks like a M67 grenade
  • However, the model of the grenade resembles the RGD-5
  • Mainly found in loot storages that require a burglar skill perk
  • Motel is not a bad place to farm grenades as the locked room's closet is guaranteed to give one grenade and only requires burglar level 1 and resets every 36 hours (1 day and a half)
  • Remember, the grenade, like the Milkor MGL will cause self damage if in radius of blast.
  • It can be very effective at using in the Blackport PD's arena as in the later 10-19s, you can take down most of the zombies and then easily kill the remaining ones such as Brawlers, Hungry Chomper, etc. as they usually will have about 40 health left and can be finished from a Glock 17.
  • Introduced to the Port Laboratory in Beta v.1.18.3
  • can be used for fishing (>->)