Fuel for vehicles. Refined Oil by Clan Refinery
—In-game description


"Fuel for vehicles. Refined Oil by Clan Refinery"

Currently, 8 Gasoline cans are used to completely fill a chopper and 20 to completely fill an ATV. There are always gasoline cans in coupon chests. These are sometimes found in aleatory loot in the bunker.

1 Gasoline can = 5 Bottle with Gasoline


  • Can be found in all coupon boxes in Bunker Alfa (there are always from 1 to 3 pieces in each) or at the Crooked Creek Farm, in the Chopper inside the Barn (if the doors open, then it's a medium chance for it to be there).
  • You might also find some at the Rest Stop or Airdrop events (low chance), AI bases or while raiding.


Gasoline is required in order to power up turrets at the Home

Gasoline is used in the following Blueprints

Gasoline is also used as a fuel source for the Chopper and the ATV. It is not yet known if it is also the fuel source for other Transports in the game.

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