Fuel is essential for Campfire, Melting Furnace and Refined Melting Furnace to work.

Types of fuel

Currently there are 8 obtainable types of fuel:

Burning times

Fuel Melting Furnace Campfire Refined Melting Furnace

Processed Log Equivalence*

Pine Log

1 min

20 s

Pine Plank 3 min 2.25
Charcoal 5 min

20 s

Oak Log 1 min

20 s

Oak Plank 3 min 2.25
Ash Log 1 min

20 s

Ash Plank 3 min 2.25
Fuel Briquette 12 min 9

Processed Log Equivalence*

  • It is more efficient to use Pine Planks or Charcoals as fuel than logs, but they require more time to process.
  • Primary processing by putting a Pine Log through a Woodworking Bench to Pine Planks adds 50% extra 'value' to the original burn time per log
  • Secondary processing by putting a Pine Planks through a Campfire to create 2 Charcoal s but requires 4 minutes of burn time - the net gain is therefore reduced. Where a Pine Log burns 79 seconds for example in the Melting Furnace, the Charcoal produced by the log will burn for a total of 640 seconds but the processing requires 240 seconds of burning time. The overall net burning time gain is 400 seconds. The ratio is slightly less favourable in the Campfire.
  • Each Pine Log fully processed in this way therefore means each log's 'value' can be multiplied by processing, to be burn around 5 times as long compared with the original log.

Video tutorial


Is coal worth it ? - Last Day On Earth

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