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The Frenzied Giant is a zombie that was introduced in Beta v.1.5. It has 500 hit points and a devastating attack that can kill a player in one hit if the player is not sufficiently protected. However, being bigger than a Floater Bloater, it is much slower.

Players should wear at least a Thick Clothes Set (Tier 2 Armor) and health higher than 100 if planning to engage a Frenzied Giant. Melee weapons are NOT suggested against this zombie, unless wall tricking. Ranged weapons are the best option. Bows are the cheapest way to kill an FG, but players will need patience. After Beta v.1.7.3, the Bow does minimal damage (2-3 DP) compared to its previous max effect (17-20 DP).

The attack damage is the same at Bunker Alfa in Normal Mode and Hard Mode.

But it also has 10 Armor in Hard Mode, except the Caged FG found in floor 2.

Grants 400 XP upon death.

Port Sewer Version

These Frenzied Giants only deal 30 Damage but with 2 special attacks:

  • 1 special attack will trigger at the start where it will shout and (not sure if it will stun you and how much damage it deals) and will open nearby closed door.
  • the next special attack is similar to normal Floater Bloater's and deals 30 Damage.


Hard Mode

Frenzied Giants during Hard Mode in Bunker Alfa are different; below 150 health, Hard Mode FG's will start to sprint as fast as you wearing a Sneakers (41 movement speed), Work Boots holding a normal weapon, or Tactical Boots holding a heavy weapon. You can only outrun it with Work Boots without holding a weapon or Tactical Boots with normal weapon or faster boots holding a heavy weapon.