Used by the military for saving strategic data
– In-game description


"Used by the military for saving strategic data"

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The Floppy with coordinates is used at the Tactical Terminal in Bunker Alfa's Overseer's Office to unlock an area on the Global Map that contains a single loot box with valuable loot, armor, and weapons. The area disappears after 12 hours.

Note: The area may sometimes spawn an Infected Box in place of the usual loot box in the temporary location. This must be carried home on a Chopper and cleansed with an Acid Bath.

Note (#2): A Puppy can frequently be found at the coordinates as well.


This item can be obtained, once you unlock the Overseer room by helping the Specialist in the 2nd underground floor of Bunker Alfa, by gaining reputation levels on Hard Mode. With the exception of levels 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15, every new level achieved is rewarded with a Floppy with coordinates. There is no reported max level for the Specialist yet. Currently, you can keep increasing reputation above level 15 for more floppy disks.


The loot at the coordinates varies, in addition to the random possibility of spawning an Infected Box. (The chances of an IB have been decreased, so the danger of getting one when you lack a complete and usable Chopper and/or Acid Bath is reduced.)

The contents of the first loot, however, is the same for everybody, regardless of player level and equipped buffs. The first loot contains:

Floppy first crate.png


On the Recycler, a Floppy with coordinates can be recycled into Plastic in 30 minutes and 1 second at an appropriate level of Electronics recycling skill.

Trivia and Tips

  • Introduced in Beta v.1.6.9
  • If a Puppy doesn't spawn on first entry, you can attempt to trigger it to spawn by exiting and reopening the game or exiting and reentering the zone. While not 100%, the odds are very high for finding a Puppy at the Coordinates.
  • Changed design in Beta v.1.11.4


Note: the loot in the crates may vary according to rng even if your reputation level is 15+)

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