Last Day on Earth: Survival Wiki


A large bloated zombie with what appears to be blisters all over its body, appears mainly in yellow and red zones, the First Watchtower, and in the lower areas of Bunker Alfa. There will be a rare chance of spawning one of this in green zones.

The attack damage is 20 at Bunker Alfa in Normal Mode and 30 in Hard Mode.

It also has 20 Armor in Hard Mode.

Some of Port Sewer Version of this have the special attack changed to Swamp Bloater's.

Grants 250 XP upon death.


  • HP: 240
  • Movement: normal (keep pace)
  • Attack: slow
  • Special attack: A red circle will appear around the zombie and will fill up, the zombie will stop moving when the circle is appears, it will then jump in the air and sit on the ground when the circle is full, dealing 30 damage to the player and 15 damage to other creatures in the circle.
  • To kill it, just keep attacking like you normally do. When you see the slam attack coming, run away from it. Unlike Toxic Spitters, there is enough time to run in the opposite direction. After the slam, run back towards in and attack again until it attempts to slam again.
  • They do not have any armor, so attacks will deal full damage to them.
  • On the mini-map, a Floater Bloater would be shown with a larger red icon compared to other zombies, so you would know if you are going to meet one or not.