Weapon for making your own firework
– In-game description


"Weapon for making your own firework"

"Best choice for firework fans. Take it if you are one of them." - Nick Santy


The Flare Gun is a ranged weapon in the game, first made available during the Christmas 2017 event. It could only be found in the Nick Santy store at the Holiday van event during the Christmas 2017 event.

The Flare Gun has the same attack speed as the Zip Gun while causing greater damage--up to a total of 100 dmg over the duration per discharge.


The Flare Gun is a good weapon for taking out zombies; in addition to the initial 10 damage from the shot, it sets the target on fire, which does another 6 rounds of 15 damage each, for a combined total of 100 dmg, and also works great against Turrets, as they cant move.


Tips and Trivia

  • Introduced in Beta v.1.6.12
  • "Weapon for making your own firework. Disappears when the holiday is over" - Old description before Beta v.1.7.2
  • It can be obtained after completing Wall. Sector 7 tasks for the first time only. Afterwards it can't be obtained that way.


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