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The Fast Biter is a zombie type in Last Day on Earth. It is a very common zombie, and is deadlier than the Roaming Zombie. Although it doesn't have a lot of health, its speed makes outrunning it difficult. Without good enough quality shoes, Fast Biters can outrun a player.

Fast Biters are found in almost every location in the world, from the sublevels of Bunker Alfa to the red zones.

1 Fast Biter spawns in green zones with rare occasions of having 2, frequently spawning in yellow zones, and are a minority zombie in red zones, where Toxic Spitters outnumber it.

The attack damage is 10 at Bunker Alfa in Normal Mode and 15 in Hard Mode.

It also has 15 Armor in Hard Mode (it was only 9 armor before).

Grants 100 XP upon death.


Fast Biters do not do a lot of damage, and attack at the same speed as a Roaming Zombie. A Spear is less than ideal for attacking a Fast Biter, since a player will need to hit a Fast Biter 8 times if no sneak attack is made.

Firearms can be a good idea for dealing with Fast Biters, but are usually not worth the durability of the gun. A Baseball Bat or Machete can be a good way to kill these zombies.


  • Introduced in Beta v.1.10.3, new Fast Biter with 120HP and increased armor is present at Gas Station, and another with 80HP has the same appearance as Rotten Yokel (Crawls from beneath a car)