Farming is also known as gathering resources/XP. The amount of available resources depends on the level of threat. While farming, the process may be disturbed by hostile creatures such as zombies.

How to Farm?

Farming is very simplistic, yet troublesome!

Step 1: Clear ALL wild animals and hostile creatures. Personally, I advise you to sneak attack as many times as possible. This is to minimize hp loss while maximizing damage.

Step 2: Unlock nearby crates, boxes, etc. Try to equip only higher tier weapons/armor and leave the materials alone for now. Meanwhile, store stacked materials/unnecessary materials if your bag have insufficient space.

Step 3: Craft 2-3 pickaxes/hatchets (according to materials available). If not enough, you can just craft more later.

Step 4: Go to auto-mode. You still need to observe carefully. If you are lazy, try increasing your volume so you can hear when you are being injured. Although you have killed all animals and hostile creatures, and players could appear out of nowhere anytime. If not careful, you will die and lose all resources.

It is crucially Important to make sure that all natural resources have been collected, due to the fact of obtaining both the resource, and the experience.

Step 5: Loot the crates/boxes/bot players bodies (If any). Most of the time, you would run out of inventory slot, but don't worry, because it is really common. This is when decision-making plays the most important role. I recommend you to take what you need the most first. Try to look around in crafting menu to see what materials are useful/rarer to you just yet. They say "Quality over Quantity", but occasionally, that problem goes 'vice vera' Also, pickaxes/hatchets are very easy to craft so you can just throw them away for more slots)

Quick Tip: Do not forget to use equipment slots, just not everything fits... The "pocket" slot allows you to place food or water. e.g. berries.

Step 6: Check, and double check. Make you have all the things needed and your bag is as full as it can get. After you leave, the map would reset. It is not recommended that you leave and immediately enter the area just to farm only XP again (monsters will also respawn).

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