Solid modular assault rifle
– In-game description


"Solid modular assault rifle"


The FN SCAR is a rare gun that can only be obtained from the Specialist at level 9 or from weapon crates (Expert Pack, etc.). This is an assault rifle that deals 18 damage. This gun is equivalent to a Modified AK-47 with a laser sight. As of Beta v.1.9, this gun can be modified with 4 types of mags, optics, barrels and laser sights along with a bi pod and vertical grip.


It has about the same usage as an AK-47 or M16, good for destroying turrets or for Frenzied Giants.

It is also one of the most efficient ways to kill The Blind One; its damage output and rate of fire make it much more effective than the classic AK-47/M16/Shotgun approach.


This item can only be obtained from the Specialist at reaching level 9 reputation, from Infected Boxes or from Limited Crates (Expert Pack, etc.).


On the Recycler, an FN SCAR can be recycled into Spring, Factory Parts, and Carbon Composite in 1 hour at an appropriate level of Firearms recycling skill.



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