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Solid modular assault rifle
– In-game description


"Solid modular assault rifle"


The FN SCAR is a rare gun that can only be obtained from the Specialist at level 9 , The Season Pass, Season Events or from weapon crates (Expert Pack, etc.). This is an assault rifle that deals 18 damage. This gun is equivalent to a Modified AK-47 with a laser sight. As of Beta v.1.9, this gun can be modified with 4 types of mags, optics, barrels and laser sights along with a bi pod and vertical grip.


It has about the same usage as an AK-47 or M16, good for destroying turrets or for Frenzied Giants.

It is also one of the most efficient ways to kill The Blind One; its damage output and rate of fire make it much more effective than the classic AK-47/M16/Shotgun approach.


This item can only be obtained from the Specialist at reaching level 9 reputation, Season pass, Select Seasonal Event Rewards, from Infected Boxes or from Limited Crates (Expert Pack, etc.).


On the Recycler, an FN SCAR can be recycled into Spring, Factory Parts, and Carbon Composite in 1 hour at an appropriate level of Firearms recycling skill.