Exploders are a dangerous enemy found in Bunker Alfa Hard Mode, Bunker Bravo, and Port Sewer. They replace most Toxic Abominations in the Bunker Alfa.

They deal 45 damage to players wearing no armor, with an attack speed of 0.8. Exploders also have 20 armor with 300 hit points each.

When damaged to only 50 hit points remaining, they explode with a large range effect, killing the player, regardless of armor. They also summon Parasites when killed. It is possible to kill the Exploder before it explodes, to prevent the explosion and spawning Parasites. Using the Glock’s “Powershot” ability will also cancel the explosion when the Exploder is below 50 health.

The Port Sewer Version of this will release 3 Parasites but with only 6 damage.

The Bunker Bravo Exploders only have 10 Armor and 10 Damage.


Grants 300 XP upon death.



  • Introduced in Beta v.1.6.9
  • There's a bug where it will not explode when hit at the right time during its supposed explosion.
    • It happens when hit during its attack animation but it doesn't work sometimes and/or it's not the right timing.
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