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Allows crafting complex electronic devices
– Blueprint description


"Allows crafting complex electronic devices"


To unlock this Blueprint, you need to find it in Genesis laboratory.

Crafting Requirement

Electronic lab crafting.jpeg


  • Level: Not known yet since the area is not yet in the game. (88 before Beta v.1.17.6)
  • Craft Points: Not known yet since the area is not yet in the game. (2 Craft Point Icon.png before Beta v.1.17.6)


Old Materials before Beta v.1.17.6:


  • Placement: ?
  • Max: ?
  • Grid Size: 1x1
  • Orientation: ?

Trivia and Tips

  • "You can disassemble electric devices with high-technology tools." - Old Blueprint description
  • This item is still a Furniture even when the Tungsten Bar crafting requirement is changed into Titanium Bar since the Blueprint is currently unavailable in the game.
  • Added in Beta v.1.8.2 Plastic on crafting.
  • Changed level from 82 to 88 in Beta v.1.15
  • Blueprint is now needed from Genesis laboratory since Beta v.1.17.6 but the area is not yet in the game.
    • The materials needed are now obtainable but the blueprint is yet to be found.