Irreplaceable thing for making complex electric devices.
– Blueprint description


"Irreplaceable thing for making complex electric devices."

Electronic Circuit is a rare crafting item that is used for end-game construction.


On Recycler introduced in Beta v.1.8.2

As of Beta v.1.6.9. Electronic Circuit can be looted in Military Bag found in secret locations that can be revealed by inputting a Floppy with coordinates into the Tactical Terminal in the Overseer's Office in Bunker Alfa.

In addition, one can sometimes be found in the second room down the left hallway of Blackport PD (as of Beta v.1.14).

Crafting Requirement

Electronic Circuit Crafting Materials.jpeg


  • Level: 88 Unlearned recipes.png
  • Craft Points: 2 Craft Point Icon.png



  • 5 Electronic Circuits are required for the construction of the Acid Bath.
  • 1 Electronic Circuit is used for a level 2 Turret and 3 Electronic Circuits are used for a level 3 upgrade
  • 1 Electronic Circuit can be used to fix the terminals at Blackport PD
  • 23 Electronic Circuits can be used to fix the terminals at Bunker Bravo
    • 3 for Deactivation of Turrets
    • 5 for Opening Locks
    • 10 for Patrol Cancel
    • 5 for Ventilation Clearance
      • Only Surface Rad Clearing and Waterpumps don't require any Electronic Circuit
  • 1 Electronic Circuit can be used to reset Blackport PD's Arena after dying or surrendering.
  • Before Beta v.1.16.3, 1 Electronic Circuit was needed for the Gateway Door at Wall. Sector 7.


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