Doctor Dread is the second boss in Bunker Bravo. He is on the third floor of Bunker Bravo. He has the resemblance of a Brawler. He also appears to have an exposed rib cage with 12 lesions/spores on his upper back and shoulders.

Killing him you gain +5000xp

Special Skills

He can summon more zombies in an attempt to kill you when he reaches a certain health.

At 800hp he summons 3 Riot Zombies from the top right corner of the room.

At 600hp he summons a Fetid Corpse from the bottom right corner of the room.

At 400hp he summons a Toxic Spewer from the top left corner.

At 200hp he summons a Slasher from the bottom left corner.

Doctor Dread has a slow movement speed, but paired with his special ability called “Scream” (which stuns you momentarily, he can catch up to you. The only way to “block”/avoid the special ability is to either run out of the very large radius (which is very large) or to hide behind a pillar. It is recommended to hide behind a pillar as because of the small room you are in whilst fighting this boss and paired with his special attack’s large radius, it sometimes covers a whole room. His special attack can sometimes be deadly if there are Riot Zombies in the room too, as whilst you are stunned, the Riot Zombies may attack you with their special ability “Push”, which stuns you also momentarily, giving Doctor Dread enough time to catch up to you and hit you (which will instantly kill you because of his high damage).


Tips & Trivia

  • Introduced in Beta v.1.15
  • Don't get stuck at the corner while avoiding his scream since the 3 Riot Zombies can trap you in it and you will be perma-stun the whole boss fight.
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