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Dig site "Echo-1" is an event location on the Global Map during the Season 17.

It's hard to hide the extraction of valuable materials on an industrial scale, but they don't seem to be even trying

Dig site "Echo-1" on the Global Map

The miners Pete, Horace, Patrick, William, Captain, Alex, David, and Rocket can be found in the Dig site "Echo-1". This is where the siege takes place and where the player can obtain Special alloy. There are other NPC's available in the Dig site "Echo-1" whom the player cannot interact with.

Daily Tasks

Patrick offers daily tasks. Three can be taken and completed every 24 hours, ranging from 1 threat to 3. 10, 15, and 20 Season points, respectively, can be obtained after completing the tasks.

Patrick daily tasks.png

Threat.png Threat.png Threat.png Threat.png Threat.png Threat.png
Clean up the Dig site "Echo-1"
Bad lads
Kill 4 raiders in Limestone Cliffs
Bad news bears
Kill the infected bear in Pine Wood
Echoes of the past
Check the box in Pine Bushes
Dirty work
Search 2 bikes in Limestone Cliffs
Leap of faith
Search 4 crates in Limestone Spires
Iron grip
Obtain 3 iron in Limestone Ridge
Kill 5 wolves in Pine Grove
Kill 8 Rotten Yokels in Limestone Spires
Northen wind
Cut down 5 trees in Pine Bushes
Kill 4 deers in Pine Grove
Nothing but trouble
Save the 2 survivors in Pine Wood
Check 3 stashes in Pine Bushes.
Please help
Collect 7 berries in Pine Grove
Prison Break
Kill 3 Brawlers in Limestone Spires
Strong foundation
Obtain 5 stones in Limestone Ridge
Usual suspects
Deal with 3 raiders in Pine Grove
Target practice
Kill Crusher in Limestone Spires
Thorough cleanup
Clean up in Limestone Ridge
Wrong turn
Free scouts in Pine Grove



Suspicious minerals are required to start the Siege. The player can choose one among three levels of difficulty with its corresponding threat: easy, medium, hard. The goal is to protect the extractors and not let zombies destroy them. After successfully guarding the extractors, special alloys and season points are mined out and gained.

Dying or getting all the extractors destroyed will end the Siege and have the player not receive the respective rewards.

Having less suspicious minerals than the required amount to start the Refinery or having all the extractor/s destroyed will not allow the player to start the Siege.


To start the defense, an initial amount of suspicious mineral is needed. The amount needed for the refinery to start doubles for each run. It will reset back to the initial amount after 8 hours.

Initial suspicious mineral needed to start
(Refinery level 1-4)
Difficulty Suspicious mineral
Easy 100
Medium 150
Hard 200


Rewards increase the higher the Refinery level. In contrary, zombie waves and number of zombies also increase with each upgrade. Upgrading the Refinery will unlock more constructions for the player to build.

Refinery level 2.png
Level 2
Refinery level 3.png
Level 3
Refinery level 4.png
Level 4
Refinery level No. of Extractor/s Constructions Construction limit
1 1
  • Spikes, Friend, Tripwire
2 2
  • Spikes, Friend, Tripwire
  • Thorns, Trigger
3 3
  • Spikes, Friend, Tripwire
  • Thorns, Trigger
  • Caltrop, Lighter, Generator
4 4
  • Spikes, Friend, Tripwire
  • Thorns, Trigger
  • Caltrop, Lighter, Generator
  • Hedgehog, Bombard, Slicer


Refinery caution.png


There are constructions available for the player to build to assist the player in fending off zombies. These constructions can be attacked and destroyed by zombies. A destroyed construction must be manually removed in order for it to be replaced. The number of construction is limited and can be increased by upgrading the Refinery. Constructions can be classified as offensive and defensive.

Spike Trap.png
Deals minimal damage to the enemies attacking it 6 Common Log
3 Rope
Turret Friend.png
A turret that blasts targets within a small area in front of it 2 Iron Bar
4 Rubber Parts
3 Piston
1 Belt
Defence Tripwire.png
Explodes when the enemies pass nearby 2 Common Plank
2 Rope
1 Grenade
Defence Thorns.png
Deal very high damage to the enemies attacking them 2 Iron Bar
4 Nails
3 Duct Tape
Turret icon.png
A turret that deals a lot of damage to a single target 4 Iron Bar
2 Spring
2 Belt
4 Fuse
Barbed Wire.png
Deals medium damage and slows down the enemies passing through it 2 Oak Plank
2 Aluminium Wire
4 Scrap Metal
Turret Lighter.png
A turret that deals damage to a single target. Sets the enemy ablaze on hit 2 Aluminium Bar
1 Gasoline
4 Piston
1 Coil
Defence Generator.png
Reinforces the turrets nearby, and explodes when destroyed, dealing damage to everything around it 4 Plastic
4 Wiring
6 Fuse
2 Coil
Defence Hedgehog.png
Deals high damage to the enemies attacking it 2 Iron Plate
2 Aluminium Wire
6 Bolts
4 Scrap Metal
Turret Bombard.png
A turret that bombards the area around the main target 4 Fiberglass
1 Heat sensor
4 Coil
1 Electric motor
Defence Slicer.png
Propeller engine that slices enemies passing near it 4 Iron Plate
4 Belt
2 Gun Oil
2 Electric motor


With each difficulty for the Siege, there is a corresponding threat. The higher the difficulty, the dangerous the threat is. Threat modifiers will update every eight (8) hours.

Easy Medium Hard
Additional parasites are coming out of the vents Enemies' attacks restore their health Dangerous zombie with a stun attack
Enemies' armor is increased Exploding Floater Bloaters join the attack Enemies' armor is increased
Extractors' health is reduced Floater Bloater's blood stays on the ground and deals damage Enemies' attacks restore their health
Retaliatory damage when attacked by a zombie in close combat Infected animals join the attack Exploding Floater Bloaters join the attack
Zombies attack you first Zombies can avoid fatal damage Extractors release a dangerous gas
Zombies' attacks cause bleeding Zombies deal more damage to constructions Special kind of zombie that makes the allies stronger
Zombies' damage increases with every missing health point Zombies take less damage from melee weapons The sound of extractors will draw the attention of a dangerous zombie
Zombies' maximum health is increased Zombies' damage increases when their health goes below 30% Zombies attack extractors first
Zombies' damage is increased Zombies can avoid fatal damage

Refinery threats.png


Special alloy can only be obtained by successfully completing the Siege and is the only place the player can find it. Rewards increase with each additional refinery

Difficulty 1 active extractor 2 active extractors 3 active extractors 4 active extractors
Easy 100 Special alloy
5 Season points
250 Special alloy
15 Season points
400 Special alloy
25 Season points
550 Special alloy
35 Season points
Medium 150 Special alloy
10 Season points
300 Special alloy
20 Season points
450 Special alloy
30 Season points
600 Special alloy
40 Season points
Hard 250 Special alloy
15 Season points
400 Special alloy
25 Season points
550 Special alloy
35 Season points
700 Special alloy
45 Season points


The player can hire a mercenary to help with the Siege. There are five available mercenaries, but only one can be hired. During the Siege, the player must manually activate the buff for it to work.

Alex is not readily available at the Dig site. She can be found and be hired after meeting her at Alex's Workshop.

Both David and Rocket become available during Week 2. They can be found and be hired after meeting them at Trailer Park and Crash site, respectively.

Refinery William.png
Gives you one of the three buffs for 30 seconds
Activates during defense
25 Suspicious minerals
Refinery Captain.png
Protects extractors from damage for 15 seconds
Activates during defense
50 Suspicious minerals
Refinery Alex.png
Significantly amplifies turrets output for 15 seconds
Activates during defense
75 Suspicious minerals
Refinery David.png
Provides cover with a sniper rifle for 10 seconds
Activates during defense
75 Suspicious minerals
Refinery Rocket.png
Launches an airstrike near active extractor
Activates during defense
100 Suspicious minerals


  • Introduced in Beta v.1.18.7
  • Adjustment in Beta v.1.18.8: Suspicious mineral doubles for each run of siege, resets after 8 hours. Season points rewards significantly decreased.