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Destroyed convoy is a time limited 1 hour event on the Global Map.

Now spawns every 4 days in Beta v.1.9.8

"- After the first convoy launch we got lots of positive feedback and there were several flash mobs to get it back. You asked for it - we did it. But first we updated the event and added new development scenarios — now raiders come, then zombies smash everyone."

"- The convoy comes together with the rumors about some secret room in the bunker lobby. The door leading here is locked with a terminal with a special lock that can be opened only via biometric authentication. You'll have to find a person with the right parameters. At least their remains."

You can hear gunshots not far away. Maybe you should check the place.

Destroyed convoy map.png


This location has different versions as Rest Stop and Oak Clearing

For the first time, there will be a Minigun next to the Power Armor. If you pick up the minigun, prepare to run because a horde of about 20-30 zombies will appear.

Tip: Put a lighter weapon and as soon as you pick up the Minigun, switch weapons and run.




"No nonsense, that's our stuff now." - Raider

"Keep out of this." - Raider

"Get outta here if you wanna live!" - Raider

"You'd better run!" - Raider

"Touch the boxes and you're dead." - Raider

"Don't test my patience." - Raider

"I won't repeat twice!" - Raider

"Now you'll be dead!" - Raider

"Hey you! Twitch and you'll be dead." - Raider

"You made a mistake." - Raider

"Come closer and you'll get a bullet." - Raider

"You're dead!" - Raider




Old Beta v.1.9.4



Sneak Peek

"Let's make this evening a lot more interesting with an announcement of the new event, shall we?" (from

"Sure it is! New event soon." (from


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Credits: mTurboGamer