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The Deer is a wild Animal that does not attack and runs when startled

It shows up as yellow indicator on the minimap.

A player can sneak up on the Deer from any direction, but if he/she has a red Cleanliness (from attacks from Toxic Spitters), the Deer will run away even if a player is sneaking.

When killed it can be looted for 1 x Raw Meat and usually 1 x Animal Rawhide, but it occasionally does not drop the Animal Rawhide.

Currently the only three ways to kill deer are with an undetected sneak attack, a ranged weapon, or occasionally running with SWAT Boots. There is a way to attack it without any gear and a Spear but it requires the player to be a total pro: the player must casually walk around the deer (extremely hard to do) then slice it up. Congrats!

2-3 deer spawn in the home area when a player starts the game. For these deer, even if they are chased out of the map, they will still be in the area when a player exits/reenters the area.

As of Beta v.1.6, deer have been given a more "natural" AI. They will occasionally move around the map while grazing the grass. The deer will run away if it sees the player, sneaking or not.

Grants 10 XP upon death.



  • It was added at the launch of the game
  • Deer can walk naturally instead of always standing still in Beta v.1.6
  • Introduced in the multiplayer in Beta v.1.17.1