Death is an event that occurs when the player's Health depletes to 0.

After death, the following events occur:

  • All items with the player get dropped.
  • Player's Hunger, Thirst, Health, Cleanliness and Pee state are reset.
  • Player respawns at Home location (and will respawn at doormat if placed).


Dying has some benefits:

  • Dying for the 5th time (only once) rewards the player with a Machete.
  • Dying for the 100th time (only once) rewards the player with a Glock 17.
  • After death, the player can loot their most recent corpse to get items back, but only if the corpse is in an unexpired/non-reset location. Resource areas such as limestone cliffs and pine groves reset upon exit, which includes death. Other locations, such as bunkers, airdrops, floppy coordinates, etc. expire on a timer.
  • If the player dies while searching the lower levels of Bunker Alfa, live zombies will return to their starting positions. (The fully dead won't respawn.)
  • Dying will instantly reset Hunger, Health, Cleanliness, and Hydration and send the player Home instantly. This may be useful for Dealer events.

    Player killed by Rabid Wolf

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