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The Dealer is a random event that appears on the World Map after a player builds a CB Radio. Once you have a CB Radio you have to tune it to the right pitch to find his message. If you accept it he will tell you what to bring as well as his location. He will trade you his Weapon Crate or Puppy in a Box if you give him the items or materials he needs.

The Dealer is getting in touch with you. There must be new supplies.

The Dealer has 1,000 Armor means he can resist 98.36% Damage just like The Specialist but will be invulnerable once its health is reduced to 1.

The Dealer can be attacked but can only be damaged by 30+ Damage Weapon such as Shotgun (dealing 1 damage per shot) or an Milkor MGL / Grenade (dealing 3 damage per shot). When you attack him three times, he will turn hostile and attack you with his M16.

His M16 (deals normal 12 damage) can break and will eventually fight with his fist (6 damage).

"Stop it!" - Dealer

"Back off!" - Dealer

"I warn you!" - Dealer

"You asked for it!" - Dealer

Screenshot 20170529-200112.png

WARNING: Once the Dealer becomes hostile he remains that way even if you go to another zone. You can remove his hostility by closing and relaunching LDoE. (This will reset him to his original friendly attitude.)

If a player activates auto mode near the Dealer, the player will start attacking the Dealer, so be careful!


Recorded Trades

Below is a simple list of what the Dealer has been seen trading for.

Since update Beta v.1.5.2, trading has changed. From now on you're always trading for a Weapon Crate or Puppy in a Box not knowing what is inside. It is possible only to trade for one crate or box at a time.

Trader Skill

After update Beta v.1.7.12, the Dealer may offer to trade a Puppy in a Box instead of a Weapon Crate. These trades usually involve rare to extremely rare materials: WITCH are not worth it AT ALL!!!

(Earn on the Bunker Alfa is the good way to get those stuff)

Recorded Loot

Data collected from 200 Weapon Crate rolls in Beta v.1.15.1. The average probability of getting one of the following items is 12.5% ± 3%. Based on the current sample size (n=200), Shotgun and Saw blade mace are slightly less common than the other items.

Reward Drop Probability (%)
Skull Crusher 15.5
M16 13.5
Glock 17 13.5
Metal Pipe 13.5
Machete 13
Katana 12
Shotgun 9.5
Saw Blade Mace 9.5

Data collected from 200 Weapon Crate rolls in Beta v.1.18.11. The average probability of getting one of the following items is 14% ± 5%. Sample size (n=100):

Reward Drop Probability (%)
Skull Crusher 19
Katana 17
M16 13
Machete 12
Glock 17 10
Metal Pipe 10
Shotgun 10
Saw Blade Mace 9


Chinese New Year 2018

In Beta v.1.7.6, During Act 2 of the Chinese New Year '18 event, the Dealer has a companion called "Supply Officer," outfitted with the Chinese warrior armor and Guandao.

You can earn points in his store by trading in Kumquats (3 pts), Paper Lanterns (6 pts), and Holiday Gold Bars (9 pts). With these points, you can buy:

  • Red Envelope (cost 20): When used gives 300 experience points
  • Dumplings (cost 75): When used, increases the amount of produced ore and tree for 10 minutes
  • Tang Yuan (cost 75): When used, there is a chance to inflict critical damage with a long-range weapon for 10 minutes

Dealer's van during Chinese New Year event

Halloween 2017

During the 2017 Halloween holiday, the Dealer had guests: Frankie Stein and his shackle-controlled pet zombie, Pumpkinhead. He also has an empty chopper featuring the holiday-themed paint pattern.

You can earn points in his store by trading in Zombie Tooth (2 pts. each), Zombie Eye (4 pts. each), and Zombie Brains (10 pts. each). With these points, you can buy:

  • Zombie Collar (cost 500): Used for temporary winning zombies to your side. Works only for 5 zombies at a time.
  • Pumpkin Helmet (cost 1000): Protects the head and brains, but disappears soon after the holiday is over. Armor: 6
  • Pattern "Halloween'17" (cost 5000): Allows you to repaint your Chopper.


  • There is a bug in which the event timer would only tick down when in the app (this has only been tested with the Dealer so far). To clarify: if you walk toward the timed location, close the app, then only log back AFTER your avatar reaches it, when your avatar leaves, the location timer will be what was when you closed the app. This can result in significant energy savings on the Dealer's double visits; i.e., the Dealer with a 25-minute timer that is 20 minutes' walking distance away can be visited twice without any energy spent. 


  • Just like Specialist, it has 1,000 Armor. But unlike him, it can't be killed.
  • Prior to Beta v.1.5.2, the name of the Dealer was the Trader. As of Beta v.1.5.3, the screen that appears when you chat with this NPC still says "Trader."
  • Renamed from Dealer to Dealer Joe in Beta v.1.9.7
  • Here's how you can prepare for the dealer to cover almost all recipes:
Dealer Joe Chest preparation
Abandoned truck Dealer Chest
1 20 Rope 1 15 Nails
2 1 Mobile Phone 2 20 Iron Bar
3 1 USB Drive 3 20 Leather
4 1 Gold Bar 4 10 Common Planks
5 1 Expensive Watches 5 10 Stone Bricks
6 3 Transistors 6 10 Bolts
7 5 Wiring 7 10 Ball Bearings
8 8 Rubber Parts 8 10 Duct Tape
9 1 Beer 9 10 Baked Beans
10 2 Cigarettes 10 16 Bandages
11 12 Alcohol
12 Woodworking Bench
13 Stonecutter's Table
14 Medical Table
15 Sewing Table
16 20 Piece of Cloth
weapon slot => 17 Hatchet
1st pocket => 18 10 Carrot Stew
2nd pocket => 19 10 Jerky

- Off-road bike needed - Only the Lock and key quest can't be completed, but it requires 2 more ingredients:
+1 lock and key
+5 Thick fabric

- If you need extra space after the deal is finished, you can destroy beer, cigarettes e.t.c.