Important engine component. Nowadays can be found in Army bunkers
– In-game description


"Important engine component. Nowadays can be found in Army bunkers"


Connecting Rods are extremely rare and can be found in the Airdrop event, Survival Kit Terminal, Combat Gear Terminal at Bunker Alfa Lobby, AI survivors from red zones.


  • 10 Connecting Rods are used in the Acid Bath Phase 2 construction.
  • Connecting Rod is probably going to be used in the Zombie Truck - Phase 2 construction.
  • This is unconfirmed since the Zombie Truck is currently uncraftable and unavailable.


  • "Important engine component for assembling a Zombie Truck." - Old description
  • After update Beta v.1.15 the Connecting Rod in your Home was converted to Cog and moved to your Inbox.
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