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(Not to be confused with Cocoon from Sector 7)


The Cocoon is the third and currently the final boss of Bunker Bravo. It looks nearly identical to the cocoon from the end of Season 2. It has constantly pulsing growths on it and almost constantly popping out parasite eggs.

Currently it doesn't seem to grant any xp.

Special Skills

The cocoon doesn't move during the whole boss battle but it does spit out parasite eggs. When the eggs land, they explode in a small radius and a parasite with 100 health. The parasites are much faster than the Exploder's parasites and deals 30 damage.


As soon as you enter the room and the door locks. The battle will begin. The cocoon seems to generate cold temperatures along with the pipes connecting to the large furnace in the room. Turning off the pipes will give you more time to fight the boss as each pipe heats the place up more. Unfortunately, you cannot simply turn off EVERY pipe. The furnace will overheat and explode if the pipes are not feeding in and out of it. If you turn off too many pipes, the furnace will begin to overheat and eventually explode. The damage of the explosion is 500. However, if you DON'T turn off the pipes. Then the room will slowly begin to freeze and you will start shooting slower due to the cold kicking in. Eventually, you will be so frozen that you cannot shoot at all and you will die shortly after that occurs. Killing the cocoon causes the room to heat up just enough to remove the cold. The cocoon also explodes but it doesn't deal any damage. It's recommended to drink Strong Alcohol before initiating a boss to be on the safe side.

It also deals 50 damage per second in contact.


  • Introduced in Beta v.1.15
  • Has the same model and death animation as the Season 2 cocoon