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Can be used as Fuel
– In-game description


"Can be used as Fuel"

Charcoal worth 5 minute and 20 second of fuel.



It can be obtained through burning Common Logs or Common Planks at a Campfire workstation. Place logs or planks in both left slots for fuel and ingredients the timer starts and charcoal is in the single right slot where juicy steak/carrots stew appear when cooking carrots.

Prior to the Raiders update (Beta v.1.7.2), each takes 4 minutes to craft. This was changed to 8 minutes each. Common Logs will provide 1 Charcoal, while Planks will yield 2.

When you try to make Charcoal out of Common Planks using the Campfire, it is important to note that you need 16 Charcoals to burn a full stack (20) Common Planks. In other words, put 8 Charcoals as fuel to burn 10 Common Planks (Since 10 Common Planks are already enough to create a full stack of Charcoal)