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Workstations are a specialized type of Furniture used to convert Items according to recipes listed at the Workstation.

As with other Furniture, Workstations are primarily crafted but can sometimes be looted from AI Survivors. And like other Furniture, Workstations cannot stack when stored.

Currently, it is only possible to place two of each Workstation type in your Home base, with the exception of the Refined Melting Furnace, Gunsmith Bench, and Recycler, of which only one each is allowed.


This list should be updated as new items and information become available.

Note: Some workstations require Fuel in the form of Logs, Planks, or Charcoal. See Fuel page for more information.

Name Recipes Time/Notes
Campfire Recipes

Old recipes before v.1.6.12.

Campfire Recipes-0

As of v.1.6.12.

Garden Bed
Garden Bed

Old recipes before v.1.15

Garden Bed
Woodworking Bench
Woodworking bench

Old recipes


as of v.1.15

Melting Furnace
Melting Furnace Recipes v1.6
Rain Catcher
Rain Catcher
Stonecutter's Table
Stonecutters Table
Meat Dryer
Meat dryer
Tanning Rack
Tanning Rack
Sewing Table
Sewing table
Workbench Recipes
Medical Table
Medical Table recipes
Refined Melting Furnace
Refined Melting Furnace recipes
  • Note: Requires Fuel
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Credits: Doomeris

See Recycler table for details.
Repair Station Not released
Pressing Machine
Pressing Machine Recipes
Chemistry Station
Hydroponic System
Hydroponic System Recipes
Electronics Lab Not released

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