Transport vehicles are a specialized type of Furniture that can increase the speed of travel and unlock new Locations on the map. The primary vehicles that can be crafted are found on the list below. Additionally, Items that are specialized components for vehicle assembly are listed in this category as well.

As with Furniture, the Transport vehicles are crafted and placed within the Home base.

It is only possible to place 1 of each Transport type in your Home base.

Vehicles have two phases of their completion. The first is Crafting the structure within your base which is akin to a garage/launching pad for the vehicle. The second is assembly of the vehicle itself which includes the use of some transport specific components that are unique to that vehicle before it can be finalized.

Chopper Speed

Using chopper to travel is 1.6 times faster than running


Name Purpose
Chopper Decreases travel time (Uses Gasoline)
ATV Unlocks new Locations
Zombie Truck Allows player to set up a new base
Mi-24 Helicopter Unlocks new Locations

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