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Tools are Items that have specialized uses. They can also be used as Weapons.


Note: For more details as a weapon, see the Weapons page.

Name Damage Speed Use
Hatchet 7 0.9 Cutting down trees to obtain Logs
Pickaxe 7 1.1 Mining deposits to obtain Stone/Ore
Crowbar 17 1.6 Opening gates at Watchtower
Gas Burner (unobtainable) N/A N/A can fix minor damages to Power Armor
Torch 12 1.1 Illuminating dark environments
Hammer 8 1.7 Used for finalizing builds and blueprints
Shovel 26 1 Digging tombs (Halloween special)
Multitool (unobtainable) 20 N/A Handy for many uses
Manual Earth Drill 10 1.3 Drilling Titanium deposits on Dead Island
Iron Hatchet 20 1.1 Cutting down trees of obtain Logs
Iron Pickaxe 20 0.9 Mining deposits to obtain Stone/Ore
Fishing Rod 5 1.1 Obtaining fish at Fishing Spot
Professional fishing rod 5 1.0 Obtaining fish at Fishing Spot
Metal Cutter (unobtainable) N/A N/A Cutting through Metal Walls (lvl 4) and Safes

The Metal Cutter is currently unobtainable and might be added in later updates

The Gas Burner and Multi-tool are also unobtainable and were removed in early versions

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