Furniture items are Items that a player place, move, or pick up in the Base Builder.

Furniture is primarily crafted, but can rarely be looted from AI Survivors.

Furniture can not stack in a slot.


Please update list as new items/information becomes available.

Name Purpose
Small Box Storage
Campfire Workstation
Garden Bed Workstation
Woodworking Bench Workstation
Shower Resets Cleanliness
Melting Furnace Workstation
CB Radio Give Bunker Alfa password, contact Dealer Joe and Raiders
Rain Catcher Workstation
Chopper Transport
Stonecutter's Table Workstation
Chest Storage
Meat Dryer Workstation
Tanning Rack Workstation
Doormat Sets Home spawn location
Spike Trap Base defense
Sewing Table Workstation
ATV Transport
Workbench Workstation
Radio Tower Chat, find and create Clan
Floor Lamp Decoration
Clan Banner Unknown
Houseplant Decoration
Gunsmith Bench Workstation
Trip Wire Trap Base defense
Medical Table Workstation
Dining Table Decoration
Bear Trap Base defense
Acid Bath Cleans Infected Box
Home Brewery Workstation
Trunk Storage
Torture Device Unknown
Cozy Couch Decoration
Metal Pipe Unknown
Hand Pump Unknown
Horse Feeder Decoration
Comfortable Bed Decoration
Repair Station Workstation
Zombie Truck Transport
Chemistry Station Workstation
Electric Generator Activate the Watchtower
Land Mine Base defense
Mi-24 Helicopter Transport
Electronics Lab Workstation
Safe Storage
Turret Base defense

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