Last Day on Earth: Survival Wiki

The Base Builder is a mode that can be entered into while you are at your Home location.

To enter the Base Builder, while at your Home, click on the crossed Hammer and Saw icon on the right side of your screen. This will zoom your map out slightly and bring up a menu featuring Build and Furniture tabs.

In the Build tab, Floors and Walls can be built, upgraded or destroyed.

In the Furniture tab, Furniture items can be placed from/picked up into your inventory and moved/rotated.

Windows are not profit to build because they cost 50% more than walls.

Roofs in beta version can't be upgraded and can't be destroyed

Only build floors when necessary for a furniture,principal walls but not for decoration,they cost too much and it may cost 30min farming

Only upgrade walls to lv3 when you contact to raiders,in the future players will raide you

Lv2 Floor:You need 600 wood planks and 300 of stone to build this,probably the easy part of the base

Lv2 walls:Probably you will need 1200 wood planks for a 6x12(50lv players normal base) and 600 stones

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