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Extremely strong material. Can be obtained via Recycler
– In-game description


"Extremely strong material. Can be obtained via Recycler"


  • Season rewards
  • Recycling weapons at Recycler
  • Bunker Bravo cargo loot.
  • Sunken box obtainable at the Port using the Crane key which can be earned as a reputations reward for delivery contracts.
  • Port Laboratory's storage crates.
  • Can be obtained as a rare trade/buy option with The Fisherman at a Fishing Spot or a Pier. (Purchase requires a trade of a large selection of fish or 75 coins - gives 3 Carbon Composites)

Before Beta 1.15, it was possible to obtain these from Police card crates in Blackport PD.


Carbon Composite is used on Weapon Modifications and in the following Blueprints:

It is also used when finalizing: