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Bunker Charlie is set on an island near the south of the Global Map.

Note: This location is currently unreachable as the required vehicle (Mi-24 Helicopter) is uncraftable.


There is a CAC Card C for access to the Bunker, obtainable as random loot and including location such as (farm,oak forests, motel,pine and limestone locations)

An interesting quirk is that Bunker Charlie is marked with a green circle, unlike Bunker Alfa and Bunker Bravo, which are marked with red circle.

Some believe the Bunker is still in control of the military and currently active but it is still unclear and remained a mystery as we saw Charlie junior in season 1 (week 3).

As of the current version, players cannot be accessed Bunker Charlie, as the Mi-24 Helicopter is uncraftable.


A Mi-24 Helicopter is required to travel to this location. As of the current version, this vehicle is uncraftable.