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Entrance to base

Door into Bunker

Building entrance and side room

Building main room


Bunker Bravo is one of the abandoned Army bunkers on the world map. On the main level, resources, Items, or Creatures do not re-spawn once taken or killed. As of Update 1.15, the bunker currently has 4 subfloors. Bunker Bravo has six military lockers on its main floor. All the lockers from the main floor are refreshed on update 1.15.

Note: Location available from level 35

Main Level

The outside area of the main level consists of 22 Dead Trees. Only until Beta v.1.15, CAC Card B isn't required to access the Main Level. There will be a group of raiders and a group of soldiers fighting each other until the raiders overtake the soldiers and clear your way into bunker bravo.

Like Bunker Alfa, several lockers containing Items are inside. As mentioned previously, any items at this location do not reset. While this prevents returning for new loot, it allows the area to function as a separate storage location from the player's Home. In order to open the bunker, you have to bring an Electric Generator.

An Activated Generator

Tips for Clearing Bunker Bravo Floors

Take as many healing supplies as you can. Basic firearms, like the common Glock 17, isn't advised as it does not do enough damage. AKs are always advised even though at least the second floor can be done with M16s only. The more modded guns you use the better. FN Scars are the best for final boss rooms.

  • The zombies will quickly remove any armor players have, so backup armor is suggested.
  • It is recommended to do your fighting on the edge of the green zone and to step off as soon as the main group catches up with the fast biters. Another strategy is to wear Tactical Boots and run around the perimeter while shooting at the oncoming zombies. Be careful.
  • Always have eyes on the radiation levels in the bunker as you can't heal over the radioactive damage to your health. (Radiation depletes maximum health)
  • You can use fish buffs which can help you fight your way through the floors quickly and effectively - especially the Fish Mix adding +10 to your armor or the Trout baked with mushrooms increasing your radiation protection.
  • Since Beta v1.18.13, there is an event called Weekend's Rush : Bravo on the event calendar which increases the damage of M16 by 50% (Unmodded : 12 + 6 =18) which is equivalent to an Unmodded FN SCAR. So better stack up on M16s for that specific event. The more mods based on damage, the more bonus you'll get. So we suggest also getting Damage & Stability mods for M16 at least.

A Radiation Parameter


Bunker Bravo is one of several Army bunkers that can be found on the Global Map. It consists of a ground-floor level and four sublevels that can be accessed once you place an Electric Generator. This is the hardest one. You have to be very careful, actually extremely careful.



There are several features unique to Bunker Bravo, such as the zombie system, special objects, and rooms. Players will find a large terminal that functions as deactivation and activation for 6 terminals in the lobby. On each floor of Bunker Bravo, players will face several new zombies that have their own unique abilities such as Stormtrooper, Screamer, Toxic Spewer, Toxic Darter, Juggernaut, Fetid Corpse, Exploder, Explosive Zombie, Acid Melter, Slasher, Riot Zombie, as well as three new Bosses. On the 2nd floor, players will fight against the Liquidator Boss. On the 3rd floor, players will face the Doctor Dread Boss. On the 4th floor, players will be up against the Cocoon Boss.

Bunker Bravo enemies

Upper Level

The outside area of the main level contains 22 Pine Trees. First-time access to the Bunker's interior requires a CAC Card B, which is possible to acquire from loot boxes or enemies at various zones on the Global Map. After using the access card, this area will remain unlocked permanently.


To access the underground levels of Bunker Bravo, an Electric Generator must be placed into the computer terminal in the main building on the ground floor.


The sublevels of the Bunker function differently from the ground floor.

Until reset, all progress is saved, including enemies killed, items looted, and the corpse of the last player death. However the radiation level is saved as well. Which means you'll need to restart the whole level if you die and want to start again. If you do not restart it the increased radiation is bound to get you during your second run.

Floor 1 - Entrance

Like Bunker Alfa, the first sublevel serves as a lobby area with a few features relating to the lower levels, including a list next to the elevator that serves as a directory for the three floors below. There are also 3 cargo loot boxes on each floor. Unlike Bunker Alfa, players only need to press a button on the cargo loot elevator to get the loot instead of amassing coupons for an exchange. Each floor gives different loot.

From the 2nd floor the player usually gets:

From the 3rd floor player usually gets:

From the 4th floor player usually gets:

Floor 2 - Laboratory

  • Warehouse: carbon materials

Bunker Bravo Floor 2

Floor 3 - Reactor Zone

  • Warehouse: batteries and electronics

Bunker Bravo Floor 3

Floor 4 - Cooling System

  • Warehouse: gas cylinders

Bunker Bravo Floor 4


Deactivation of turrets
Deactivation of turrets.png
15 USB Drive 60 Transistor
5 Hi-Tech Components 60 Bolts
60 Duct Tape 10 Wrench
10 Aluminium Wire 20 Iron Plate
15 Spring 3 Electronic Circuit
Opening locks
Opening locks.png
20 Lead Plate 95 Transistor
95 Wiring 5 Electronic Circuit
80 Aluminium Wire 15 Wrench
85 Duct Tape 90 Bolts
20 USB Drive 15 Hi-Tech Components
Patrol cancel
Patrol cancel.png
95 Transistor 80 Spring
90 Wiring 15 Wrench
30 Aluminium Wire 10 Electronic Circuit
80 Duct Tape 100 Bolts
20 USB Drive 15 Hi-Tech Components
Surface rad cleaning
Surface rad cleaning.png
10 Steel Plate 20 Rubber
3 Hammer 3 Cog
15 Aluminium Wire 40 Duct Tape
10 Aluminium Plate 10 Wrench
80 Bolts 10 Air Filter
Ventilation clearance
Ventilation clearance.png
30 Spring 15 Aluminium Wire
25 Air Filter 80 Wiring
70 Duct Tape 15 Wrench
10 Hi-Tech Components 80 Transistor
5 Electronic Circuit 15 USB Drive
20 Rubber 5 Cog
3 Hammer 20 Aluminium Plate
5 Steel Plate 5 Wrench
10 Air Filter 40 Duct Tape
60 Bolts 10 Aluminium Wire

Video Guides

Floor Maps

Credits: Doomeris


  • The energy required went from 35 to 40 energy Beta v.1.11.8
  • Dogs with the true friend trait cannot enter any of the sub-floors. They will stay at the lobby.
  • Sublevels were introduced in Beta v.1.15
  • Changed it pointer from the yellow to red on Global Map in Beta v.1.15
  • The only way to open the lock (Terminal 2) is to get Lead which is acquired after you have built your ATV to pass the Swamp zones unless you recycle Car Batteries and hazmat suit.