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Screenshot 20170531-205408

Entrance to base

Bunker Bravo Entrance

Door into Bunker

Bunker Bravo door

Access Panel to open door with CAC Card B

Screenshot 20170531-205312

Building entrance and side room

Screenshot 20170531-205320

Building main room


Bunker Bravo is one of the abandoned Army bunkers on the world map. It consists of a main level. Any resources, Items, or Creatures on the main level of the map do not re-spawn once taken or killed. The bunker currently has no subfloors. Bunker Bravo has six military lockers, some may have armor while others may contain weapons and engine parts. Also, the subfloors are unavailable because the terminal that you use to enter the code is broken and unfixable currently in the game.

Main Level

The outside area of the main level consists of some 22 Dead Trees. For access to the interior of the Main Level, CAC Card B is required. The card can be found as a random world drop, from zombies and loot boxes.

Upon entry, a horde of zombies will charge at the player. The horde primarily consists 15 Fast Biters, 1 Floater Bloater and 1 Toxic Abomination.

Like Bunker Alfa, several lockers containing Items are inside. As mentioned previously, any items at this location do not reset. While this prevents returning for new loot, it allows the area to function as a separate storage location from the player's Home.

Tips for Clearing

  • It is strongly advised to bring at least two stacks of food or healing supplies. A firearm such as a Glock 17 is also advised.
  • A player can use the Stomp ability of the Floater Bloater to damage some of the Fast Biters. However, this requires a lot of healing.
  • A player can exit the bunker map area at any time and all zombies will retain health from before. Any killed zombies will remain dead.
  • The zombies will quickly wear out any armor the player will have, and so backup armor is suggested.
  • I recommend doing your fighting on the edge of the green zone and stepping off as soon as the main group catches up with the fast biters. Another good idea is to wear Tactical Boots, run around the perimeter while shooting at the oncoming zombies.
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