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Simple ranged fight weapon that helps the shooter not to attract much attention.
– Blueprint description


"Simple ranged fight weapon that helps the shooter not to attract much attention."

This weapon was released in Beta v.1.5.8, which seems to be as a direct result of it being requested by fans.

Crafting Requirements


  • Level: 10 Unlearned recipes.png
  • Craft Points: 1 Craft Point Icon.png



The Bow is unique amongst weapons in that it does a variable amount of damage depending on how long the button is held before being released.

At the fastest rate of fire it does 8 damage every ~1 second. The longer the button is held, the more damage is done once the bow has been drawn up to 19 damage after ~2 seconds. However, if the button is held for more than ~2 seconds, the shot will miss its target but it will not consume a shot.

Note 1: These timings are estimates. Experimentation or inspection of the code is required to get accurate timings.

Note 2: If you watch the animation of the bow being drawn, you can see the arrowhead move back to full drawn, then forward slightly, then back again. If released immediately after this second backward movement, it appears to provide highest damage.

The bow is very useful against enemies who lacks mobility, such as roaming zombies, Frenzied Giants, Infected Bulls, Turrets, etc...or against unreachable enemies thanks to its long range.

However it deals less than half the damage against Frenzied Giants and 5 damage at best against regular Turrets, forcing players to use guns and/or grenades instead, to which they will deal full damage against Frenzied Giants and have higher damages against both.

It has a durability of 50 shots, thus its is possible to do ~950 hp damage with one bow but very unlikely. With practice, players can reliably get 17-18 damage per shot.

Currently the Bow have the second lowest DPS in the entire game, but is by far the cheapest long range weapon one can get with a reliably good range (being slightly superior than the Glock 17). On top of that, it can have its use within Bunker Alfa albeit with limited potential, such as firing through grids before opening the door (especially in Hard Mode), killing Frenzied Giants or destroying turrets (the later being the most tedious against 4th Floor's Heavy Turrets).

It is shown off in this video:


Update 1.5.8- Update 1.5.8


On the Recycler, a Bow can be recycled into a Common Plank and Duct Tape in 10 minutes and 1 second at an appropriate level of Melee Weapons recycling skill.


  • This item is generally useless against most enemies due to its low firing speed and pull-up time.
  • Its range, however, is useful against non-moving and slow targets such as Roaming Zombies, Turrets, and Frenzied Giants.


  • This item was added to the game due to fan requests in Beta v.1.5.8
  • When Bow shoots the Turret the arrow ricochets in Beta v.1.7.8
  • Added in Beta v.1.9, 3 Adhesive on crafting.
  • It doesn't add experience for Firearm recycling but instead it is considered as Melee for unknown reasons.