Use it for learning a new motorcycle model
—In-game description


"Use it for learning a new motorcycle model"

For description of different Bike models and number of blueprints required, see Garage.


Screenshot 20190202-033012 Last Day On Earth Survival

Off-Road Bike

  • Unlock Blueprints: 0/10
  • lvl. 1 Blueprints: 0/20
  • lvl. 2 Blueprints: 0/40
  • lvl. 3 Max level.

Total Blueprints: 70


  • Introduced in Beta v.1.10.3
  • level 1-2 give you access 6 storage slots, level 3 gives you access to 8 storage slots
  • NOTE: you MUST finalize default chopper in order to use this, or any other bike once you obtain blueprints for it