Last Day on Earth: Survival Wiki

Great beer which is delicate in body and a little bitter at the finish
– In-game description


"Great beer which is delicate in body and a little bitter at the finish"

Note: Forces you to need to urinate after drinking.


  • Beer can be found in crates in lockers on both floors of Bunker Alfa
  • Beer can also be found in crates in all Pine and Limestone areas.



Beginner's Best Use: Save them and Recycle it for Aluminum Bars and it will increase your Other recycling skill almost x10 higher than recycling Empty Cans.

Useful for tight situations with thirst when you are in an area that's not your base. if you have something else it's recommended to drink that.

Using Beer will restore 20 thirst.

Another usage of this Item is/are ability to urinate in an instant if you are unsure of how close to peeing you are or not. Given circumstances that you are on your base that you remembered you did not pee in ages and you are going to a yellow or red zone. If you pee in that area, chances are you are diminishing your cleanliness and would cause you to stink much more easily which forsake the abillity to sneak. The beer solves this problem. If you are on your base and going to yellow or red zone in a situation that require undetection at maximum or abillity to sneak(like the hunting for foxes) and want to be sure. Just grab a beer and drink it, then shower if you are still paranoid.


On the Recycler, a Beer can be recycled into a Aluminium Bar in 10 minutes and 1 second at an appropriate level of Other recycling skill.